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The Rods Reissues, Plus New 40th Anniversary Of ‘Crank It Up’

THE RODS – this means 40 years of heavy metal history with many classic albums and legendary metal hits!

Quote from RODS drummer Carl Canedy: „I am thrilled that High Roller Records are doing official reissues of the entire THE RODS catalog! From original sources and with high-quality artwork, as well as bonus material.

Finally the fans will have the chance to purchase THE RODS‘ music as it was intended. It has been an amazing journey and after 40 years we are happy that the fans have this opportunity! There has been various bootleg and low-fi stuff released over the years so this is very exciting for the band as well!“

To celebrate this and 40 years of The Rods, the band has available on all digital platforms the new 2020 40th anniversary version of "Crank It Up" mixed by the brilliant Fred Coury!

The Re-issues will be available in late summer/ autumn 2021.

THE RODS are an American heavy metal band formed in 1980 by David "Rock" Feinstein (guitar, vocals), Steven Starmer (bass, vocals), and Carl Canedy (drums, vocals). Their first album was originally released independently as „Rock Hard“ in 1980 and the following year the band was signed by Arista Records, who reordered the album tracks and released it simply titled „The Rods“. Their second album „Wild Dogs“ followed in 1982. All in all the band has released 8 studio albums so far.

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice also spoke with Drummer Carl Canedy (The Rods, Canedy Band, Producer) about his new solo album 'Warrior' which was released August 7 2020 on Cd and Vinyl via Sleaszy Rider Records.

Other topics included in the interview, an update on the progress on 'The Rods' new album. Canedy going down memory lane talking about The Rods opening for Ozzy Osbourne on the Blizzard of Ozz Tour and Iron Maiden on The Number of the Best tour. Plus producing historic thrash albums such as Anthrax's first 3 albums and Overkill's Feel the Fire.

You can buy the album here

Watch the complete interview here

Photos by C&K IMAGERY

Canedy 'Warrior'Track list

1 Do It Now

2 Not Even Love

3 Lies

4 Hellride

5 Warrior

6 3rd Times A Charm

7 Out For Blood

8 In This Sign

9 The Prize

10 Attia

Canedy is comprised of Mike Santarsiero (lead vocals), Charlie Russello (guitars, synth), Tony Garuba (bass, vocals, cello), and Carl on drums.

Canedy’s name is long-familiar with metalheads worldwide – as he was the drummer for the Rods (and a brief early drummer of Manowar). But it is as a producer that Canedy is most known – as he oversaw the recording of classic recordings by the likes of Anthrax (‘Fistful Of Metal,’ ‘Armed and Dangerous,’ and ‘Spreading the Disease’), Overkill (‘Feel the Fire’), and Blue Cheer (‘The Beast Is Back’) in the ‘80s.

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THE RODS has unveiled its new band lineup. Joining guitarist/vocalist David "Rock" Feinstein and drummer Carl Canedy are vocalist Michael San Ciro (TOTALLY LOST CAUSE, CANEDY) and bassist Freddy Villano (QUIET RIOT, Dee Snider's WIDOWMAKER).

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