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Steve Grimmett Short 'Wings of Angels' Documentary Of Friends Sharing Life & Legacy- Watch Here

Wings of Angels: A Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper short documentary. Close friends sharing their feelings talking and about Steve's life and legacy.

Tickets to the festival Here

Photo social media Steve Grimmett

Watch the full short documentary here

The life of one of Swindon’s heavy metal stars will be celebrated later this year with a one-day festival. By Carly Appleby, BBC News, Swindon

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The life of one of Swindon’s heavy metal stars will be celebrated later this year with a one-day festival.

Steve Grimmett, the producer, songwriter and lead singer of heavy metal band Grim Reaper, will be remembered at Swindon’s MECA in November.

Grimmett sold millions of albums across the world and his career included studio albums, single releases and MTV airplay.

He died in 2022 and his wife, Millie, is organizing the Wings of Angels Festival, named after the lead track from the band’s 2018 album Walking in the Shadows to celebrate her husband's life.

During his 45-year career, Grimmett shared a stage with bands including Bon Jovi and Deep Purple, featured regularly on the MTV animation Beavis & Butthead and toured the world with his heavy metal band Grim Reaper.

In 2017 he was taken ill whilst touring with his band in South America.

He had his leg amputated and needed life-saving surgery after complications to his foot while in Ecuador.

Grimmett passed away in August 2022.

The one day festival will include guest singers and bands with a connection to Grimmett and his music, with former WASP guitarist, Chris Holmes, headlining the event.

Ms Grimmett said: “Steve’s life was heavy metal. He got so much pleasure out of performing onstage, meeting fans and recording music.

"It’s only right that the Wings of Angels Festival pays tribute to that through a packed line-up of metal acts from near and far."

Andrew Daly, from Long Island, New York, is a music journalist for VW Music and a former writer for Rock Candy Magazine and Metal Edge.

He carried out one of the last interviews with Grimmett before he died.

"Grim Reaper's sound impacted everything from thrash to power to glam and traditional heavy metal," he said.

"They gained a cult following leading up to their debut, See You in Hell (1984), followed by Fear No Evil (1985). But like too many great bands, large-scale success evaded them."

Jimmy Kay from was a friend and fan of Grimmett and Grim Reaper.

He followed the band as a teenager and interviewed him multiple times.

Mr Kay said he believes Grimmett was one of the greatest Heavy Metal singers of all time.

"He had a distinctive tone, self-confidence, an extensive range and a love for music," he said.

"Grimmett was a professional heavy metal singer. He could have easily fronted and sang for any of the major area heavy metal bands and could have easily fronted Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or Judas Priest."

Ms Grimmett said that her husband’s impact on music was such that they have had people contact them from around the world to purchase tickets to the event in Swindon.

"People have been sharing stories and pictures on our social media pages and it is really heart-warming to see this outpouring of affection for someone who did so much to shape the metal scene over several decades,” she said.

Mr Daly added: "I always found them to be a classic band who deserved a hell of a lot better than they got.

"Their debut is one of the finest of the era as far as first albums go.

"Steve Grimmett was forever underrated.

"If we're talking about pure talent, Steve was right up there."

The festival will be held on 23 November.

Tickets to the festival Here


All you need is a gmail account

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