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Armored Saint Gives Update On Band's Upcoming Documentary "A Band of Brothers" In New Interview

Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently interview Armored Saint Singer John Bush and Bassist Joey Vera.

In the chat the two gave an update on their up and coming new studio album and the bands documentary. Plus went into the band's legacy.

Photo Credit -@Sorstuca

Charles-Alexandre Tourchot Photographe

Watch interview here

The band is currently on tour with Queensryche.

When asked about their upcoming documentary Armored Saint – A Band of Brothers

"A movie was made by a friend of ours who we've known a long time who's been a fan of us for a very long time Russell Cherrington, he's from the UK. He completed his vision this movie and he's still looking for a home for it as in terms of distribution. I haven't heard anything about where that's going to be but apparently it's getting very close. Obviously the place for it (film) is in streaming services which is where most people watch things anyway. It (documentary) was part of a circuit of the film festivals last year so some things out of that have resulted in him getting closer to finding a home for it. So hopefully we know something in the next couple of months." John Bush

When asked about the new upcoming studio album

"Yeah we started writing, we have about five to six songs done. It's sounding cool, it's just more growth. We kind of go a little slow, we probably should have a little urgency just cuz you know our ambition is to get a record out next year and that'll still be 5 years after the last one, which seems to be our Pace. So we have to work hard to get it done by next year but it's gonna be cool, there's always progression and growth with Armored Saint. We know what the foundation of the sound of the band is but we always are trying to expand on that and push ourselves. I said this before so I'll say it again. Heavy metal can almost be borderline conservative because people say well that's what they want (fans), so I'm going to give them what they want. Well that's safe to me .We try tp put a little Edge in there and little twists just so fans aren't going know what they get, cuz then it sounds like 10 records that sound like themselves. And the bottom line there's no way that you could say Armored Saint record sound the same. "John Bush

When asked about the musical direction of the new music

"I don't want to put too much of an emphasis on it because it should be a natural organic development because once you start making this intended sound then that's a problem and you're getting methodical about it and then and then it probably will backfire. I just think we kind of feel like the sky's the limit and we could do anything we want. " John Bush

"Speaking of the music, It's always a stamp or or a snapshot as to where we are at that moment when that record was recorded or made or written. Maybe it's a good thing, we have a 5-year period in between because if we made it every single year it (the music) would then start to blend into one another and they might all sound the same, Each record we make is not vastly different but they're different from each other. No two records really have the same vibe or sound something about them is their own Island and so that is that's kind of like a subconscious goal for us is to have have on every record. Also we recorded a single in January and it's coming out this June 12th (2024) on Metal Blade Records and it's a digital only single. It also has a video that we shot for it and it's really cool. We did a cover of a Four Tops song we are huge R&B fans. We just thought again slightly outside of our comfort zone but things that I think we can handle and as a group we have the ability to straddle that line of heavy and funky and groovy at the same time. John killed it with the vocals the track came out so good, so we're stoked about that coming out and I think it just shows another side of us that's maybe not so serious. We had a lot of fun making the video it came out really really cool we're looking sharp. " Joey Vera

Armored Saint – A Band of Brothers had it's world premiere in the band’s hometown of Hollywood on Tuesdayf May 2023 at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

The film celebrates the 40 year career of Armored Saint and the 50 year friendship the band have shared from school in El Sereno, a Los Angeles suburb.

Many friends of the band have given interviews, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich from Metallica tell tales of their early days touring, Scott Ian of Anthrax talks about seeing Armored Saint in 1985, Queensryche members Eddie Jackson and Todd LaTorre talk about the shared history. Key music industry figures and producers, A&R men, roadies, record label executives and family share thoughts and stories about the band’s 40 year history.

Next Show dates w/ Queensryche

Wed, APR 24 Mckees Rocks, PA

Fri, APR 26 Albany, NY

Sat, APR 27 Worcester, MA

Sun, APR 28 New Haven, CT

Tue, APR 30 Sayreville, NJ

Wed, MAY 1 Glenside, PA

Fri May 3 Huntington, NY

Saturday May 4 M3 Rock Fest Columbia, MD (Just QR)

Saturday May 4 Mechanicsburg, PA (Just AS)

Sunday May 5 Charlotte, NC

Tuesday May 7 Atlanta, GA

Thursday- May 9 St-Petersburg FL

Friday -May 10 Orlando FL

Saturday May 11 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sunday May 12 Fort Myers, FL

Wed May 15 Houston, TX (Just AS)

Thursday 16 Austin, TX (Just AS)

Friday May 17 Dallas, TX (Just AS)

Sat May 18 Tulsa, OK (Just AS)

Sat May 18, Walker MN (Just QR)

Mon May 20 Mesa, AZ (Just AS)

Tues May 21 Las Vegas NV (Just AS)

Wed May 22 Los Angeles, CA (Just AS)

Sat May 25 Santa Fe, NM (Just QR)


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