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Sword Singer Explains How Metallica's Lars Ulrich Discovered Band By Walkman & Brought on Tour '86

The Metal Voice recently interviewed Canadian band Sword at 'The House of Rock'

In the interview the band talks about the making of their new album SWORD III, recalls stories about touring with Motorhead in the 80's and how Metallica's Lars Ulrich became a fan of the band and brought them on their Master of Puppets tour.

Watch here

Singer Rick Hughes explains the Metallica connection, "Kerrang magazine editor was doing an interview with Lars Ulrich (around 1986) and he (editor) had his Walkman at the time (cassette). Just before he (editor) left the interview, Lars asked him what are you listening to, I'm curious to know what's in your Walkman? Oh it's a band from Montreal (Sword) and he gave him (Lars) the tape." Off camera Rick Hughes explained the story a bit more to The Metal Voice. " Lars took the tape and not too long after we got a call from Metallica's management to open for the band in Canada on the Master of Puppets tour in 1986. (tour was postponed 2 times) Lars told me this Kerrang story backstage, in his dressing room on the first night of the Sword / Metallica tour."

Canada's Sword consists of the classic line-up of lead vocalist Rick Hughes, drummer Dan Hughes, guitarist Mike Plant and bassist Mike Larock. They will be releasing their third studio album III via Massacre Records on November 25, 2022.

After years of silence, the guys from SWORD never thought that a box of demos and company rejects from the late 80’s would light a fire under their asses, hot enough to want to revisit this (new old stock) in order to actualize it with the vengeance it deserved.

Originally formed in 1980, the band has since released two well-received studio albums, and got the chance to open for bands such as Metallica, Alice Cooper, Motörhead in the past, among others.⁣

Sword will go on tour in Canada in 2023 - get your ticket here »

Jan. 14, 2023 Montreal - Théâtre Corona -

Jan. 15, 2023 Quebec - Impérial Bell -

Jan. 20, 2023 Alma - Boîte à Bleuets -

Jan. 21, 2023 Trois-Rivières - Amphithéâtre Cogeco -

Track List for Sword III:

01. Bad Blood

02. (I Am) In Kommand

03. Dirty Pig

04. Surfacing

05. Unleashing Hell

06. Spread The Pain

07. Took My Chances

08. Not Me, No Way


1986 Metalized

1988 Sweet Dreams

2006 The Best Of Sword (Compilation)

2016 Live Hammersmith

2022 III

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05 nov 2022

I love SWORD 😀I've owned both LP's forever .

I esp love the 2nd lp .Never could find it on CD.😀

Me gusta
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