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New Raven Album "All Hell's Breaking Loose" to be released in May 2023- Raven John Gallagher

For Canada's The Metal Voice Kenny Kessel in New Jersey interviewed Mark and John Gallagher from the legendary NWOBHM speed metal band Raven.

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In the interview the band talks about touring the bands classic album Wiped Out ( 40 year anniversary, released in 1982), opening for Metallica on the upcoming tribute show for Jon and Marsha Zazula and give some details on their upcoming new studio album.

When asked about opening for Metallica at upcoming tribute show for Jon and Marsha Zazula Nov 6, 2022 and playing songs from ('83-'84)

"We had a relationship with them (Metallica) going back. We spoke to James Hetfield and we talked about doing some shows together, (Anniversary of Raven All for One album era '83). Then this Florida show came up and we said yes initially because it was going to be an opening slot with Metallica," Mark

"We had a sit down with James (Hetfield) and it was just to talk about the anniversary (shows) and he was so cool. I said to him I remember during the tour (Raven All of One headliner, Metallica Kill 'em All opening '83 tour) you were pretty drunk, most of it (laughs) did you remember anything? He said I never remember anything but I remember everything about that tour, cause it was the first and we were so clued in on what was going on. And at the end I said if you ever need an opening band from Newcastle who are always available and he went, I might just have something, let me see." John

"Initially that was going to be a show with just Metallica but then it kind of transformed into this celebration of Jonny Z and Marsha who were the Crazed Management team who brought Raven to the USA for the first time and who introduced everybody to these different bands, so we have all this history together with Metallica. We miss them (Jonny and Marsha) " Mark

When asked about any updates on a new studio album

"We signed a new deal, the new record is going to be coming out on Silver Lining Music. The album is all done, we are pretty much in the mixing stage right now and that will come out in May 2023." Mark

" An exclusive just for The Metal Voice, the name of the album is 'All Hell's breaking Loose" John

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