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New Band SiX By SiX ft. Members of Saxon, Saga & Emerson Berry & Palmer To Release Album & Tour

Saga guitarist Ian Crichton, Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Robert Berry (3; Emerson, Berry, Palmer) have joined forces to form new prog supergroup SiX By SiX.

The trio will release their self-titled debut album on August 19 via InsideOutMusic/Sony Music. Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke with Saga guitarist Ian Crichton and Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler about this new band and their plans

Watch full interview here

When asked about the musical direction of this new album

"We are a mixture of Prog and Rock and with the three different guys. Robert was playing with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer. Nigel who is playing with Saxon and I am with Saga, it's like three different worlds and it's made a really interesting Prog Rock thing. I think we have come up with our own style of Rock really. We made our own Sandwich. When we started writing, things just came out. I didn't consciously sit down and specifically try to write one way. I was just writing. I would send Robert my ideas and he would send it back and that's how it really worked, the songs just developed that way. The music is heavier than Saga but having said that the album takes you on a pretty nice journey so there are a lot of different feelings, places, styles that we come up with. There is a lot of moods on the record, it's not all one heavy thing or light thing." - Ian Crichton

"As Ian says it's definitely Rock cause all of us have Rock in us. All of us three come from completely different backgrounds and styles of music we are playing and Six By Six is the result." -Nigel Glockler

When asked if they are planning to tour the album

"We want to tour, the whole plan is to take this out, I am really excited about the fact when we can do it, I'm really looking forward to it. " -Nigel Glockler

When asked about potential setlists if the band plays live

"Well we have a few songs that didn't make the record that we really liked, we would probably present those too. A show would be an hour and a half long we can do all kinds of stuff to the material we have, stretch out some parts." -Ian Crichton


"Yearning To Fly"

"China" "Reason To Feel Calm Again" "The Upside Of Down" "Casino" "Live Forever" "The Last Words On Earth" "Skyfall" "Battle Of A Lifetime" "Save The Night"

Watch video here

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