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Lee Aaron Recalls Duet w/ Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson In New York During Powerslave Era '84

Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice recently spoke to legendary Canadian Icon Lee Aaron and guitarist Sean Kelly (Lee Aaron, Helix, Coney Hatch). The two spoke about the upcoming new studio album 'Elevate' and their upcoming show at the famous El Mocambo Club in Toronto July 22, 2022.

Bruce Photo by Chasotar

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Plus Lee Arron's autobiography, new coffee blend 'Bodyrock' and the time she shared the stage with Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris at L'amours (Club) in New York.

When asked about her duet in 1984 with Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson at L'Amours, New York

" I think it was Pre-Metal Queen around 1984. I was about 21 years old and he (Bruce) was about 24 or 25. We (Lee Aaron band) had created somewhat of a buzz on the eastern seaboard with our (Debut) album only being available as an import at the time. We had gone down there to do a few shows (New York) and Iron Maiden was in New York (studio mixing) I believe the Powerslave Album. There was a bit of a buzz about us (Lee Arron band) and they (Iron Maiden) came out after they finished in the studio and someone came up and said you know the guys in Iron Maiden are here and I'm like holy crap really? And Bruce would like to get up and sing and I think Steve Harris got up and played too on stage. We played the song Tush by ZZ Top, I wish there was a recording floating around but there is no recording, nothing it was totally spontaneous. Then we ended up hanging out for a few hours after the show just befriending those guys. They are just great guys in a league by themselves, professionals and they were classy, they were intelligent, they weren't this sort of down and dirty you know your typical rock and roll boys at that time. "

When asked about her upcoming new studio album

Guitarist Sean Kelly, "I am constantly pestering Lee with ideas because I think it's the buzz that we are chasing at this point in our lives. The process of creation that comes out of friendship and sharing our influences getting in a room. That happened again with the new album 'Elevate' getting together in the room working with Mike Fraser ( record producer, engineer, and mixer) and Lee producing. We are just vibing off each other, it's a special chemistry and it's one that I appreciate more and more especially after Covid where we had to be separated and I am so grateful for it. "

Lee Aaron, "The new album 'Elevate' is the Covid Baby. 'Radio On' our last album came out in 2021 and we have just finished another studio album (Elevate).The new album springboards from where 'Radio On' left off (musically). 'Radio On' was written literally just before Covid hit and we recorded the bed tracks and finished the album during Covid. 'Elevate' the new album was created during Covid too. It was the process of sending files back and forth. So the vibe is a little more different, even a little more structured but well thought out. I think it takes 'Radio On' to a whole other level. I also think we dove into a little more pseudo political territory with some of the lyrics. We are all growing up in this bizarre age and there are so many weird things going on in our world right now and that was reflected on the material from the new album. We are hoping to release the new album pre Christmas but if it doesn't work out because of the timeline it will probably be the spring of next year. There will be ten songs but we recorded 14. A couple of the songs are long. My husband explained to me that vinyl sounds best under 45 minutes long so I had to come up with running order that was 45 minutes long, so we ended up shaving it to about 10 tracks. Now we have extra tracks left but I am not sure what we are going to do with them yet but they will come out on something in the future."

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Lee Aaron had several hits in the 1980s and early 1990s, such as "Metal Queen", "Whatcha Do to My Body", and "Sex with Love". Her last album 'Radio On' was released in 2021. She won three Toronto Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist and received ten Juno nominations.

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