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It Was Unfair That David Ellefson Got Fired From Megadeth, It Was Harsh-Darrell Dwarf

For The Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to drummer Darrell Dwarf from the Killer Dwarfs at the Whisky in L.A. on Oct 13, 2022.

Darrell Dwarf spoke about the band's new music; an incident when opening Iron Maiden on U.K. tour in 1988; David Ellefson unfairly getting thrown out of Megadeth and the possibility of a 'Stand Tall' Re-issue.

Watch full interview here

When asked if the Killer Dwarfs are working on new music?

"We have some new music in the can. We actually have recorded a few tracks and we want to try them out on the fan base. It's been a long time since we've recorded an album and so we've actually recorded two tracks. We're kind of indecisive right now on whether we're going to go all the way with a full album or are we releasing tracks like a lot of bands are just releasing downloaded tracks. This new music is exciting because it's like we didn't have to work so hard to come up with these. We still didn't know what kind of animal it was going to be and we were really relieved to listen to it back and say that's the Dwarves, that's us man. Well we're playing one of the songs in the shows now, we'll play it tonight. Initially it was sort of something we were referring to as the Cheap Trick song. When we got together and played it, it sort of turned into a Dwarf song with a Cheap Trick flavor to it. It's just a melodic tune, it's a cool tune 'Weight of the world' is the (name of the ) track that we have been playing live. We didn't intend on playing anything until we released it but we just started kicking it around at one show in Canada and it just felt so good that we continued to do it and we actually want to try it out with the fans you know to see their reaction."

When asked if they will ever re-release the classic album 'Stand Tall' which is unavailable

"There's a bit of politics going on with that record. I can't really get into too much about it because Epic Records owned the record but we're going to get it back actually and we can get it back so that's just something that's a work of progress, we have people working on that. That record sold 70 000 records in the US when it first came out, it's a popular Dwarf's record and fans now clamor for it to buy it on eBay for 900 bucks which drives me crazy. It's a sought-after album to get."

When asked if they are still on David Ellefson Label

"We've released a live album (EMP Label Group "Live No Guff!) we weren't completely locked in on anything on that deal with them. We gave them the live album and 'Start @ One' ( lost studio Album) to put it out on his label (EMP) to release worldwide, you know, physical copies. We were going to record new music as well but his label went South as you know right from his unfortunate experience of not knowing how to turn a camera off on the internet. I don't know exactly how that all went down and it's none of my business whatever happened. I feel bad for him actually and I love masturbating. (Laughs). I think it was unfair that he (David Ellefson) got fired from the band (Megadeth). It was so harsh, like people, kill people and still get their gig. I was on his (Ellefson) side. I'm gonna just be honest I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to that whole thing when it went down but then all of a sudden Dave Mustaine comes out and says he's (Ellefson) is no longer with us, like holy crap. Megadeth was a pretty tight unit with him (Ellefson) in it. They did a lot of touring together and had huge hit records. "

When asked about touring with Iron Maiden in 1988 and the incident

"When we were younger we were full of piss and vinegar and we weren't afraid of anybody or anything. We had no fear man and that's a cool thing and we just went out and kicked ass. We were so excited to open for Maiden in the U.K. and Steve Harris loved us and it was so positive. So our first show was in Wales (so he thinks it was, he could be wrong). We came out with all guns Ablaze and Russ (Dwarf) came out with the tricycle. The whole thing is just ballistic right. We open up the set with something fast. So we come out and within two minutes of the first song all of a sudden we're getting spit on, like Gob, like thousands of Gobs. What is going on here? I mean these Fu** limeys are like (spitting) big gobs and they're hitting us. It's getting all over Mike's guitar. What the F*** is this? So after that barrage we go into the second song then it's coins, all of a sudden boom oh were getting pelted with coins. Whipping pound coins like rocks. Then Steve Harris walked out on stage and grabbed the F*** mic. I gained a whole new respect for that guy and that's why I love him to this day. And he said you F*** stop F**** throwing SH*** at These Guys these guys. They are our guests now F*** off and stop doing it and he walked off. And it never happened again and all the rest of the tour went smoothly. And the press came out like Kerrang and they go these guys are winning over the Maiden fans and Maiden fans loved us."

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