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Guitarist Gus G Says New Firewind Album Is Almost Done & Songs To Be More Anthemic

Firewind and Former Ozzy guitarist Gus G recently spoke to The Metal Voice about his Greece tour with former Iron Maiden singer Paul Dianno plus he gave an updated on the recording process on the new Firewind studio album.

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When asked about the recent shows in Greece with Former Iron Maiden Singer Paul Di'anno

" I play here a lot obviously because it's my country and we have really loyal following and people to support us and a lot of love. I played in Greece also with Ozzy but the Iron Maiden crowd is different thing, it's almost like going to the World Cup final or something. I mean everybody's just like wow, they're amped up to 11. If you've seen that Flight 666 (Iron Maiden DVD) you know it's very similar to that South America thing. Everybody came with a love that they were just pouring on for for Paul because obviously with the surgery and stuff. They just came there to see him and and honor him and it was it was touching man. The first gig he (Paul) felt a little bit out of it because he was in the wheelchair and he kept apologizing to the crowd. But he sounded great he did great and every night was better than the other, it was incredible. It was like a bit like a Beatle Mania in a small kind of level, like fans were waiting for him outside the hotel every night and every morning. They (fans) were waiting there to to get their stuff signed and to take photos with him and he was very very nice with everybody, it was really cool man. It was nice to experience."

When asked about any updates on upcoming Firewind studio album

"We actually just recorded the new album, we just did drums I haven't started with the guitars yet but the drums are done and we did record one cover, so far. But I think we're gonna go back in the studio after this tour and do a few more covers so I would be interested to collect more ideas and suggestions but we did do one song that I think it's amazing it was a hit."

When asked when the new Firewind Studio album will be released

"I don't know yet. I was talking to AFM records owner and actually we met over Christmas and we talked about it and now there's like a new approach it seems like we're just gonna be releasing singles. That was an interesting topic they brought on because they just want to keep on releasing singles and then eventually those singles will be part of an album. We still are worked on the album, I already wrote the songs, I wrote 10 songs. But they (Label) were like you know we'll just drop singles as we go and see how much traction you get and see if we get playlist placements because you know Spotify playlists are like the new radio, that's the new medium right now. "

When asked if the new album musical direction the new album and will be a continuation as last album or a different directions

"I think it still sounds like Firewind, my goal was to make the songs a little bit more anthemic type of tracks this time around. I thought every song should be a single I didn't write any kind of like obscure type of tracks or didn't experiment in that type of area. Something (songs) that you can play in an arena, in a festival in front of a large crowd that that was like my philosophy behind this one this time. Which is good you know it's not easy to write that type of songs. People think it's easy, it's not so easy to make that (type of song) and resonate with a bigger crowd."

Last month, Paul Dianno was joined by Greek guitar virtuoso Gus G., for three concerts in Greece, where they played songs from MAIDEN's first two albums, "Iron Maiden" and "Killers".

Gus G last solo album Quantum Leap was was released October via AFM Records in 2021

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