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Former W.A.S.P. Chris Holmes To Embark On Canadian Meet & Greet & 'Mean Man' Screenings Sept. 2022

Statement posted on The Chris Holmes official Facebook site by Manager Cathy and Chris Holmes. Summarized by The Metal Voice

"The Canadian tour was cancelled without our knowledge and could not be rebuilt, financially and mentally and we are sorry for that. After 2 years of lockdowns and Chris' cancer struggles and all of the fans in Canada waiting for the tour, we decide to come in September 2022 anyways. So the both of us will come to Canada between September 10th to the 25th on just a promotional tour for interviews, meet & greet, signings with some special screening of the 'Mean Man' Documentary in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City and Cornwall. We will also take the opportunity to meet with promoters and sponsors in preparation for a North American, USA/Canada tour in 2023. "

More details Friday … stay tune !!!

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