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Ex-Megadeth David Ellefson Talks Kings of Thrash, Ellefson/ Soto, Megadeth & Canadian Metal

Former Bassist of Megadeth joins The Metal Voice to talk about his new album Ellefson /Soto 'Vacation in the underworld' as well as recording and performing with former Megadeth guitarists Jeff young and Chris Poland with his new band the 'Kings of Thrash'

Plus Ellefson also talks about his departure in Megadeth and names some Canadian bands he loves

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David Ellefson – Bass Guitars

Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals

Andy Martongelli – Guitars / Keyboards

Paolo Caridi - Drums

Guests on the album:

Jade Etro of Frozen Crown

Steve Conley and Ken Mary from Flotsam and Jetsam

The debut album “Vacation in the Underworld” by the living metal legends Ellefson-Soto will be released in the U.S. on October 7 2022 and in Europe on November 11, 2022 under the exclusive license of Rat Pak Records!

In a partnership that has been years in the making, GRAMMY Award winning bassist David Ellefson and acclaimed metal vocalist Jeff Scott Soto have joined forces for an all-new collaboration, Ellefson-Soto. The band follows the tradition of successful individuals that joined forces to create memorable music: David Coverdale & Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes, Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades, Michael Sweet & George Lynch to name a few examples. The metal duo is joined by Andy Martongelli on guitar and keys and Paulo Caridi on drums to unleash their debut album Vacation In The Underworld. The album features eleven tracks and three bonus recordings that demonstrate why Ellefson-Soto is considered legends by many in the metal world.


1. Vacation In The Underworld

2. Like A Bullet

3. Sharpen The Sword

4. The Reason

5. S.T.N.

6. The Revolution

7. Celebrity Trash

8. Live To Die Another Day

9. The Day Before Tomorrow

10. Hercules

11. Rise To Win


12. Out Of The Blue

13. Lone Star

14. Writing On The Wall

15. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (Only available in EU version)

Official Site:



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