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Anvil's Inspiration for Speed Metal Came From Big Band Swing & Jazz- Says Guitarist/Vocalist Lips

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice spoke to guitarist/ vocalist Lips and drummer Robb Reiner from the legendary Canadian band Anvil, on the Streets of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The conversation revolved around the bands new album 'The Impact is imminent, the re-release of the hit documentary 'The Story of Anvil' and a whole lot more.

Anvil Photos by Jimmy Kay

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What has been the reaction from fans to the new album 'The Impact is imminent'

"Generally that it's welcome back" Lips

"Overwhelmingly accepted, I know that people are just really excited about it. And you know we got our new (next) album ready to go too and it's gonna kick, even more." Robb Reiner

So there is also a new, new album ready to go?

"No, the songs are all written (for the next album) and we're gonna record it next summer." Robb Reinter

When asked about the two instrumental songs, Teabag and Gomez on 'The impact is imminent'

"Gomez is the shit man, period." Robb Reiner

"We've been influenced by big band swing since the early beginnings and the real truth is that's where we got the inspiration to play our speed metal that everybody went and captioned it speed metal but we're going it's swinging jazz" Lips

"Our Speed Metal has an underlying swing feel to it and a lot of our intuitive listeners pick up on that." Robb Reiner

"We got two instrumental songs, the first one is called Tea Bag which is named after Sacha Gervasi the guy who made the movie (The Story of Anvil). We nicknamed him Teabag when he was 15 years old when we first met him because he was English you know Tea Bag, English... Then later on after the movie Sacha was so eccentric and he's going I've got the best train set on the block and all the other kids are coming to see it and we went you sound like 'Gomez Adams' (Adam's family). So we started calling him 'Gomez' so we had the same song with two different (versions) and we can use both of his names. So we called the first one Teabag after his old name and the second one Gomez after his newer name" Lips

Tell me about the re-release of The Story of Anvil and what fans can expect

"Well it's remastered, it sounds better and there's an hour long interview at the end of the movie with us guys bringing everybody up to date (At a California showing)." Robb Reiner

" The end of the movie interview is an explanation of what happened after the movie and everything like that. Where we've been, who we played with, where we are, you know the effects that the movie has on the whole situation so yeah it brings everybody up to date. "Lips

"Red carpet all these celebrities are coming, it's going to be some kind of a Hollywood blowout and they're going to show the movie and then we're going to play after the movie we're doing an Anvil experience" Robb Reiner

What are some of the celebrities that have seen the Story of Anvil?

"The list is long, where do we want to start? How about Dustin Hoffman. How about this, at the critics choice awards, Paul McCartney's sitting 15 feet from Robbo and I we're going to go meet him we're on our way and Quentin Tarantino grabs me by the arm and he goes Lips that movie knocked me on my ass man. I don't get it the critics choice, they gave the award to a bunch of FKN dolphins they're a bunch of FNK no-mind AH and he's FKN losing his SHT on me and I'm going listen Quentin it's great to meet you but Paul McCartney's over there please excuse, (laughs) me that just gives you some kind of idea. "Lips

"The Anvil story is about artists going for it, nothing can hit more home more in Hollywood, than artists trying to make it. How about a phone call, Sacha's sitting with Sir Anthony Hopkins. So they're sitting at dinner and Anthony goes to Sacha get Lips on the phone okay so my FKN phone rings and I pick it up and go hello and he goes hello Lips this is Tony Hopkins. And I'm going, are you FKN kidding me? I'm talking to Hannibal Lecter on my FKN cell phone. It hits home to actors because and what did Anthony say to me was he didn't get his first break till he was 40. Unbelievable yeah okay so that Anvil story becomes relatable." Lips

As previously reported, a remastered edition of ANVIL's acclaimed documentary, "Anvil! The Story Of Anvil", will be released in theaters this fall and on digital later this year via Utopia alongside Portobello Electric.

The new version of the film will arrive in time for its 13th anniversary and will feature remastered picture and sound, as well as a new exclusive epilogue interview with director Sacha Gervasi and Kudlow and ANVIL drummer Robb Reiner moderated by former MTV host Matt Pinfield. The remastered "Anvil! The Story Of Anvil" will receive its premiere in conjunction with Beyond Fest on September 22 in Los Angeles at the Saban Theater, where ANVIL will also perform, along with appearances from surprise musical guests. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session with Kudlow, Reiner, producer Rebecca Yeldham and Gervasi, moderated by Steve-O from "Jackass".

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