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Possible Thin Lizzy Reunion Next Year &  Black Star Riders Head to Studio Feb 2019

For The Metal Voice Neil Turbin (Deathriders) Former vocalist of Anthrax conducted an in- depth interview with Scott Gorham former guitarist for Thin Lizzy current guitarist for Black Star Riders in Los Angeles. Gorham talks, Black Star Riders, his time in Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott as a leader and songwriter.

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When asked about the 150 unreleased Thin Lizzy songs "It wasn't actually individual songs, there are reels not only from a friend of Phil Lynott's but there is another warehouse of all these tapes and there are names on them that I don't recognize at all. There is one song called G.I. Joe which became the Boys are Back in Town. Phil Lynott had written this whole anti-Vietnam war song but after I am Brian Robertson (guitarist) and I put the harmonies guitar on there, Phil kind of flipped and said the Anti-War theme doesn't really go with the mood of the song." When asked about his audition with Thin Lizzy many years ago "Apparently I was the 25th guy to be auditioned, they recorded the whole audition and they sat in Phil's place and listened to it and said he is the guy and I got the call that night. I was just about 22 years old and I had been only playing guitar for 3 years I used to play bass. A friend of mine who played guitar taught me a few things. So I had only been playing guitar for 3 years before I joined Thin Lizzy I don't think a lot of people now that. " When asked how Huey Lewis was encouraged to become a singer by Phil Lynott and Scott Gorham Huey Lewis was in a band called Clover and they were supporting us on the European and British tour, we were on the road with them for a couple of weeks and I had just happen to be out in the auditorium during their sound check. I guess the singer of the Clover was some place else and Huey said he would check the singers microphone and he started to sing. I was shocked and said this guy wow and all they are making him do is play harmonica? So I went back to the dressing room and told Phil, Huey Lewis that guy can really sing and tomorrow at sound check have a listen and Phil heard him so we were just pounding Huey and said trash that harmonica and you got to get into the spot light and you got to start singing until eventually he came up with Huey Lewis and the News number one all over the world." When asked if they have started work on a new Black Star Riders album We are going into the studio in February 2019, so we are all ready, I think Ricky Warwick (Lead Vocals) has already got the lyrics done, he is like the ATM machine, he is like that prolific When asked about working with the late producer Chris Tsangarides Chris was a great guy to work with, there was a guy who could get you really good guitar sounds, great to work with a guy who could not take very long to get what you need, to get what you want to get done. he was somewhere in between a Heavy Metal guy and a hard rock producer." When asked if there will be a Thin Lizzy Reunion in the near future with original drummer Brian Downey "Yeah there is always that chance we are thinking next year we are talking about possibly doing another six shows like we did a couple of years ago. But there has to be a reason to come out and do it not because you want to make some money, their has got to be a reason, an anniversary of some sort. There has to be a point."

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