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Watch Video of Paul Di'anno Meeting Iron Maiden Manager Rod Smallwood For The first Time in Years

For the first time in decades former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'anno reunites with bassist Steve Harris and Maiden manager Rod Smallwood backstage Iron Maiden first tour date in Zegreb, Croatia.

Watch Video here from Facebook

Video by Stjepan Juras added this quote "After the video of the reunion of Steve Harris and Paul Di'Anno came out, I'm posting a much longer video of how it all really started. First came Rod Smallwood, whom Paul hasn’t seen since the 2013 Rock In Rio Festival, and then Steve Harris, whom everyone greeted along the way. This meeting triggered something that will be talked about soon. If you want to know more about everything, click on "

Di'anno took to his social media a few days ago (private social media post) and said this about the experience meeting Steve Harris and Rod Smallwood.

"Great night last night at the Zagreb Arena Iron Maiden sounded awesome and so was meeting Steve and Rod again it's good to know they haven't changed and that's a great thing seeing Steve with the same fire and passion was a joy to see." Paul Di'anno

Then again on May 24 2022

"Morning you absolute Legends well with all your help I finally made it onstage and Fuck that felt and did me good my soul is returning ? and to see Steve and Rod was the best and let me tell You Iron Maiden are still the greatest band no fkn question have a great day filled with love laughs and kindness"

Support Paul pick up some Merch and his two new singles at

From the WAREHORSE web page

There is no better feeling than, after seven long years in a wheelchair, celebrating a birthday on your own feet! Paul Di’Anno celebrates his 64th birthday on May 17th. With his exceptional commitment, will, desire and mental strength, he showed his fighting spirit and gratitude to all the fans and friends who helped him perform a miracle in less than half a year! But the final battle is yet to come. Paul will soon have new surgeries and the final struggle for independence and unlimited movement with his fully recovered legs. Therefore, all fans are invited to, together with him, enter this last battle until the final victory.

Even during his treatment in Croatia, Paul’s spirit did not rest. Together with Croatian friends, he formed his new band and project WARHORSE and recorded as many as three new, fantastic songs in the studio. They decided to release two of them, ‘Stop the War’ and ‘The Doubt Within’, as a special DVD single featuring the two songs and a Paul’s video message to all fans who bought this single and thus helped raise funds for operations. Along with the single, each customer will receive a special event t-shirt, designed by Robert Štivičić (Crusader Art), made for his first concert in seven years, which was held in Zagreb on May 21, 2022. This concert was filmed and later shown in a documentary about Paul Di’Anno, directed by the famous director of the film ‘Lemmy’ Wes Orshoski.

Special notice: The number of event t-shirts that will be on sale online is limited on 333. The other 333 will be available at Paul’s concert. This is the only opportunity to pre-order the exact size of the T-shirt, because later, on the concert you will be able to buy only what is left.

Each single will be numbered from number 001 to number 666. Number 001 and 666 will later go up for online auction. Each purchased copy of the single will be unique, and the first 100 online customers with a single and a T-shirt will receive a surprise gift. The single is only available as a bundle with t-shirt and with the purchase of this bundle you have directly helped raise funds for Paul’s upcoming surgeries. Paul will come to the stage in Zagreb on his feet, but we are only a few steps away from a complete recovery.

As previously posted on Blabbermouth

"Former IRON MAIDEN frontman Paul Di'Anno, who has been receiving lymphatic drainage treatments in Zagreb, Croatia in preparation for his upcoming knee surgery, is "thrilled and very optimistic" about his progress after recently being fitted for a custom leg brace.

Stjepan Juras, a MAIDEN fan and author of many MAIDEN-related books, who is taking care of Paul during his stay in Croatia

Di'Anno recorded two classic albums with IRON MAIDEN — a self-titled effort in 1980 and "Killers" in 1981 — before being fired and replaced by Bruce Dickinson. He went on to front a number of other bands, including KILLERS and BATTLEZONE, and released several solo records.

In January 2021, Kastro Pergjoni, operations director of the Cart & Horses pub in Stratford, London, England where IRON MAIDEN made its live debut in 1976, launched a crowdfunding campaign on JustGiving for Di'Anno to be treated privately. More than £13,000 was raised — roughly the cost for surgery on one of Paul's knees. A second crowdfunding campaign was launched last summer and has raised more than £13,000 of a £26,000 target. "

Source (Blabbermouth)

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