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Watch Nervosa New Video/Song "Seed Of Death" - New Album 'Jailbreak' out Sept 29, 2023

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Thrash metal frontrunners NERVOSA have announced their fierce fifth full-length, Jailbreak, out September 29, 2023 via Napalm Records! This will be the first NERVOSA album with guitarist and founding member Prika Amaral on vocal duties, and showcasing the band’s mighty new lineup completed by the immensely talented and well experienced Michaela Naydenova on drums, Hel Pyre on bass and Helena Kotina on guitars.

[photo credit: Gregory Dourtounis]

Watch Video Here

Following the blistering standalone single “Endless Ambition”, with “Seed Of Death”, NERVOSA serves up a second taste of what’s to come. Starting off with a beautiful, epic intro, “Seed Of Death” features philosophical lyrics that explore questions about the never-ending cycle of life, grabbing an omnipresent issue relevant to all of us. Check out the captivating official music video below!


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Prika Amaral on the new single and album:

“I'm very happy with the result of this song and our new album. I always wanted to have a song like this but it never happened for different reasons and now we can finally make it happen. Also, we were able to take even more risks and do new things. With two guitars the doors open to a whole new world of possibilities, in fact NERVOSA had two guitars in the beginning, but then we decided to go with one guitar for logistical reasons, since it would be easier to move with one less person for tours. Now NERVOSA has a much bigger structure that allowed this addition, and we are really enjoying this moment of the band. The process of writing this record was the most fun and brought the most musicality, enriching the band.

Helena Kotina adds:

“I think Jailbreak is NERVOSA's most revolutionary record, both musically and lyrically. It was a very challenging process but at the same time very constructive. We were able to take care of every detail until we obtained the best result.”

Breaking through barriers like an unstoppable steamroller, full-speed thrash outfit NERVOSA present their new studio album, entitled Jailbreak! With their previous record, Perpetual Chaos (2.8M plays on Spotify), NERVOSA not only secured their first chart positions (#18 GER Official Album Charts, #6 US Hard Music Albums, #9 US Top New Artist Albums charts), but also performed at some of Europe’s biggest festivals, such as Copenhell, Resurrection, MetalDays, Summer Breeze, Wacken Open Air, and many more

Among its various themes, Jailbreak explores messages of breaking free from everyone and everything holding you back from doing exactly what you want to do. It encourages the listener to be proud of who they are, and to trust in themselves and the strength that lies within them. The album kicks off with charging “Endless Ambition”, a track previously released in early 2023 that acted as a first harbinger for everything that is about to come on the album. The track immediately showcases the incredibly powerful attitude and talent of Amaral as frontwoman. Raging “Suffocare”, which deals with several aspects of toxic relationships, and “Ungrateful” continue on the path of the intense opening track. Relentless title track “Jailbreak” attacks with a thrash metal chorus and roaring guitar solos. As a very special treat, NERVOSA spices up the intense track “When The Truth Is A Lie” with none other than an impressive guest contribution from legendary EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt, whilst INFECTED RAIN/DEATH DEALER UNION vocalist Lena Scissorhands provides another strong guest feature by lending her voice on “Superstition Failed”. “Elements of Sin” features some of the album’s most insane guitar work and thundering vocals, before uncontrollable closing track “Nail The Coffin” seals the 13-track album with a forceful thrash banger.

Jailbreak will be available in the following formats:


1LP Vinyl RED/WHITE MARBLED incl. slipmat (in gatefold) bundled with wristband & printed cotton bag


CD Digipak + "Jailbreak" Shirt Bundle

CD Digipak + "Seed Of Death" Shirt Bundle

Digital Album

In true NERVOSA style, the album’s lyrical themes comment on our society in a direct, critical manner, with messages delivered through intensely fast-twitching, raw soundscapes. On Jailbreak, the band continues their powerful collaboration with Martin Furia, who produced the four-piece’s successful previous records. With this album, NERVOSA graces fans with yet another thrash metal masterpiece!

Jailbreak Tracklist:

1 Endless Ambition

2 Suffocare

3 Ungrateful

4 Seed Of Death

5 Jailbreak

6 Sacrifice

7 Behind The Wall

8 Kill Or Die

9 When The Truth Is A Lie (feat. Gary Holt)

10 Superstition Failed (feat. Lena Scissorhands)

11 Gates To The Fall

12 Elements Of Sin

13 Nail The Coffin

Experience NERVOSA Live in 2023:

31.07.23 SI – Podkraj Pri Velenju / Metal Days 2023

02.08.23 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air 2023

04.08.23 PT – Vagos / Vagos Metal Fest 2023

12.08.23 DE – Büdesheim / Krawall’O Rock

18.08.23 CZ – Moravský Krumlov / Rock Castle 2023

19.08.23 DE – Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze Open Air 2023

02.09.23 GR – Agrinio / Metal Union Festival 2023


05.10.23 MX – Santiago De Querétaro / Chihuahuas Bar

06.10.23 MX – Mexico City / Hendrix Bar

07.10.23 MX – Torreón / Vertigo

08.10.23 MX – Monterrey / Nandas 78 Bar Barrio Antiguo

12.10.23 MX – Guadalajara / Novecientosiete

13.10.23 MX – Chihuahua / Rocktezuma

14.10.23 MX – Juárez / Hysteria bar

29.01.24 US – Port of Miami / 70000TONS OF METAL 2024


Prika Amaral – Vocals and guitars

Helena Kotina – Guitars

Hel Pyre – Bass

Michaela Naydenova – Drums

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