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Tim Ripper Owens Says KK's Priest Aiming To Begin Writing Second Album In 2022

Canada' The Metal Voice recently spoke to both Matt Barlow and Tim Ripper Owens (Ex Iced Earth) about the new upcoming album from Ashes of Ares entitled 'Emperors and Fools' via Rock Of Angels Records on January 21 2022. Tim Ripper Owens joins Barlow on the last track off the album called ' Monster’s Lament'. Both singers have never done an interview together up until now or on an album together.

In the chat Former Judas Priest Iced Earth singer Tim Ripper Owens also gave quick update on the KK's Priest happenings, he told The Metal Voice, "I'm going to head out to England eventually in the New Year and probably hang out with K.K. (Downing) and the guys and probably do some rehearsing. I know he (KK) has mentioned we are going to start to writing the new record, we might try to record it while we are waiting to go on tour. It's not easy band to get on the road cause he (KK) is not playing small venues, he is only playing big venues."

You can watch the whole interview here as well as read some of the Q and A below.

Watch here

When asked Matt Barlow what he did differently music wise on this new album vs the last Ashes of Ares album?

"The only thing I can say is the outcome of this record is a little thrasher a little bit more an ode to the stuff that I started cutting my teeth on in the 80's and probably the same with Freddie Vidales (guitarist). Freddie has a diverse influence as well as everybody in metal and is influenced to some degree by Maiden. For me the Bay Area stuff was huge for me in the 80's it was just hitting hard. Metallica just blew the roof off of it, it was just a giant flood. Testament, you got Death Angel, Forbidden on and on and on, some many thrashy bands. It was a really big influence for me when I was doing my first original band with my brother in Cauldron. We were very much influenced by the thrash aspect of it and a little bit of Pantera that kind of thing. So this record for me has a lot more of a feel of that thrashy Bay Area sound. I don't know if Freddie would agree with me exactly but I think that it's there I think people will definitely hear it. We really weren't going for a polished sound either, we were just trying to make it pretty raw . Obviously I am still doing some layered vocals on the album but I hope people like it."

"We were bouncing the idea of Tim working with us on the last record on this song, so this song is basically a hold over from the last record. This was Freddie's creation. He composed it, he wrote the lyrics for it, I did the vocal melodies then took my idea to Tim and he rocked it out, he put his Ripper signature on it. I think fans are going to dig it , it's me and Tim doing what we do and highlighting what we highlight in our voices. I think the song lent itself to being a really cool dark story. If I am playing a character this is probably the biggest A hole character I played in a song. "

Tim tell us about working with Matt on this song?

"We have been friends forever and always talked about it and Freddie reached out to me to do it and it was a no brainer, I didn't even have to listen to it I knew it was going to rock. Our voices go so good together, they are different yet we do the same thing. I would love to do more with Matt as well. It is so much fun. It was such a great song to do and I look forward to doing other songs. I would describe this song as a journey, it takes you in, it's like watching a movie except listening to it. The song has a lot to it just brings you in, it is really something great"

When the two were asked if they would ever consider doing a show together

"I think that would be an amazing thing, that would be fun, we don't live all that far from each other but it's hard with schedules but I think that would be a blast, it would be awesome. "Ripper


1. A City in Decay (Intro)

2. I Am the Night

3. Our Last Sunrise

4. Primed

5. Where God Fears to Go

6. Emperors and Fools

7. By My Blade

8. What Tomorrow Will Bring

9. The Iron Throne

10. Gone

11. Throne of Iniquity (CD Exclusive Track)

12. Monster’s Lament

Ashes Of Ares:

Matt Barlow - Vocals

Freddie Vidales – Guitars, Bass


Drums on all tracks by Van Williams

Keyboard intro composed by Jonah Weingarten

1st solo “The Iron Throne” by WileyArnett of Sacred Reich

2nd solo “The Iron Throne” by CharlieMark

2nd solo “Monster’s Lament” by BillHudson

Guest vocals “Monster’s Lament” by TimRipperOwens

Keyboards “Monster’s Lament” by BrianTrainor

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