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SupaFly Ft. Ray West Of Spread Eagle New Lyric Video 'Boogie Man’- Watch Here

As one of the more dynamic vocalists of the early ‘90s, NYC native Ray West’s defiant screams and guttural wails defined a generation of street metal-loving headbangers. With Spread Eagle, West aided in the creation of iconic anthems such as the tormented “Switchblade Serenade” and “Devil’s Road.” Like many of his era, West rode out a turbulent period, coming out on the other side wiser and more confident than ever. He had renewed vigor and enhanced melodicism. West sought to create his most personal music yet with his longtime friend and partner in musical crime bassist, songwriter, producer, and esteemed session musician Miguel Gonzalez. Both grew up in the Miami rock n roll scene and have deep roots to the area’s culture and vibe, which they are excited to infuse into this project.

The result of the collaboration is SupaFly’s The Vibe, which features revisited and remastered versions of tracks previously recorded, as well as new compositions. Brimming with heavy urban-power grooves, SupaFly represents an evolution for West and is perhaps his most personal songwriting to date. Landing ahead of the album release is a knock-down drag-out version of the KC and the Sunshine Band classic “I’m Your Boogie Man” with a SupaFly twist just in time for Halloween. So why this track? West explains, “Mig and I have always loved the idea of taking a song like ‘Boogie Man’ and putting it through the SupaFly machine. We are paying tribute to a time when music was all about the groove and having a good time, all the time, while putting a modern-day twist on it with Mig’s production ideas. The vibe is on point, and the vocal performance gives a dark edge that makes me feel like the boogie man is gonna come through the walls and dance. I played this song on my friend’s system, and the drop almost took out his woofers!”

Gonzalez continues, “‘Boogie Man’ embodies where old school funk meets the dark side. Being a huge fan of funk, nothing is more appealing than to see it played with a dark edge.” When pressed what else can fans expect from SupaFly, West quipped, “Spread Eagle will always have my heart. That’s my history. But SupaFly is my calling card; it’s autobiographical and leads deep into my soul. That’s why I never let these songs go.” The full album The Vibe contains ten tracks with the next single due out December 8. Deko president, Bruce Pucciarello, comments, “There has been great teamwork and a sense of urgency to get this wonderful collection of songs prepared for launch. I’m stoked we’re getting the ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’ video out before Halloween. You will all see, this is straight forward, hard driving, passionately constructed rock. The kind most of us love…” For more information, visit

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