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Slayer's Paul Bostaph To Drum On Upcoming Impellitteri Album-'A Little More Aggressive But Still A Lot Of The Crazy Shredding

For The Metal Voice Jimmy Kay and Neil Turbin talked to artists at the 7th annual 2024 Metal Hall of Fame. Interviews with, Chris Impellitteri, Hammerfall, Wendy Dio, Regina Banali, Joel Hoekstra, Sean Peck (Cage) and 'Tim Ripper' Owens and more...

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Guitarist Chris Impellitteri was asked about his upcoming studio album and the musical direction and he said," we are finishing the new record. It will be done in four months. (The album) It's heavy. Paul Bostaph from Slayer is playing drums on our record, so it is a little more aggressive, We worked with Mike Plotnikoff who produced and he has worked with everybody from AC/DC, InFlames so it's a little more aggressive but still a lot of the crazy shredding."


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