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Riot Band Documentary "Immortal Soul" Part 3 "Riot Metal" Streaming Now, Watch Here

NYC Rocks TV has premiered Chapter 3 of a new documentary film series on RIOT, titled "The Crimson Storm: A Riot Tribute & Concert Film Series".

Director/Producer Damian Kolodiy

For this chapter we will visit Riot in the 1990s and explore how they reform with their 4th singer, Mike Dimeo, and shift their sound to a more bluesy, melodic metal style as well as more intricate dancing dueling guitar displays.

This chapter also paints a unique portrait of band leader Mark Reale and features intimate behind the scenes footage of him in action in the studio. We also hear from Mark about finally breaking away from his old management and production company

Watch part 3 here

Watch part 2 here

Watch part 1 here

Immortal Soul is a Riot Tribute & Concert Film. This four-part documentary mini-series will explore the history and archives of the different eras of the band Riot, spotlighting specific live performances from each era. Essentially, it will function as a video encyclopedia of the 50 year career of Riot, now Riot V.

Chapter 2 starts with the second era of Riot with singer Rhett Forrester. The film showcases music from that time and how the band disintegrated following the Born In America tour. The film then explores how Riot came to be reborn several years later as a power metal band with their seminal comeback album "Thundersteel" and comments on the challenges the band faced in the late 1980s. The film also explores the Keep It True traditional heavy metal festival in Germany, where interviews with Riot fans young and old illustrate the passion for the band.

RIOT formed in the mid-1970s in Brooklyn, New York. By 1980, the band was poised to make it big and toured with many of the heavy hitters of the day. But poor management and bad timing created the perfect storm of missed opportunities for what should have been the East Coast's VAN HALEN. The band continued carrying on into the 21st Century in various formations with the only constant being founder and lead guitarist/songwriter Mark Reale. A cult fan following exists today that is extremely passionate about RIOT's musical legacy and believes the band deserves significantly more recognition.

This four-part documentary mini-series will explore the history and archives of the different eras of the band, spotlighting specific live performances from each era. The film centers around the Keep It True festival in Germany, where interviews with RIOT fans young and old illustrate this passion for the band. "Immortal Soul" also features interviews with longtime RIOT members Don Van Stavern and Mike Flyntz, as well as "New York rock" author/historian Steven Blush and Keep It True festival founder Oliver Weinsheimer. The final chapter of the series tells the origin story of the current day formation of the band, RIOT V, and how they are well suited to carry on the musical legacy of Reale for a new generation of fans.

Upcoming chapters:

* "Immortal Soul" chapter 3 "Riot Metal" premieres Saturday, January 20 at 2 p.m. New York time

* "Immortal Soul" chapter 4 "Shine On" premieres Saturday, January 27 at 2 p.m. New York time

* Bonus chapter: "Mark & Guy Writing Jam 1994" (to be determined)

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