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Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse In Studio Video Clip, New Album At Mixing Stage, Release 2023 Watch Here

Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno new band 'Warhorse' shares a behind the scenes video clip in Studio.

Watch video clip here

Di'anno also wrote on his social media page that the album is complete and now is in the mixing stage with a release date of late 2023.

Di'Anno's manager Stjepan Juras also posted on his social media that the new Warhorse album will also feature a special guest who will perform on the Brazil tour 2023 with Di'Anno Band.

His album with Warhorse will feature a special guest musician, and he will also appear in a special concert in Brazil.

Warhorse released their first debut 'Stop The War' ( for Ukraine). Watch here

Lyrics: Hrvoje Madiraca, Paul Di'Anno Music: Hrvoje Madiraca, Ante Pupačić Pupi Mixed and Produced by Ante Pupačić Pupi Mastering by Dado Marušić (Studio Deva)


Paul Di'Anno - Vocals,

Hrvoje Madiraca - Guitars

Ante Pupačić Pupi - Guitars

Facebook Page here

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