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New Thor Song 'Ride Of The Iron Horse' Watch Lyric Video Here

Ride Of The Iron Horse puts Thor back in the saddle for another barnstorming metal album that marks five decades of metal dominance for the veteran musician. Alongside new compositions such as the rousing “5-0 Let’s Go,” the defiant “Shields Up” and the poignant ballad “No Time For Games” are some unreleased gems from Thor’s early years in the late ‘70s through the ‘80s that complete the circle of this spectacular album.

Watch here

To celebrate the forthcoming release, today Thor releases the first single, the heavy title track, “Ride Of The Iron Horse”, that brings a hint of country music to the metal god’s electrifying repertoire. Featuring some stellar guitar work and production from cohort Kevin Stuart Swain, the single is a testament to Thor’s enduring legacy as both an artist and an inspirational figure for generations of metal musicians.

Thor reflects on this new album saying “There's a lot of life left in this Iron Horse. It seems the 50 years went by in a flash. From Keep The Dogs Away to Ride Of The Iron Horse, there have been the highest of highs and sometimes the lowest of lows. But I kept riding through it all. The greatest moments I have had were the incredible people I have met during my tours or correspondence online. The Thor Korr! They made it all worthwhile. For that, I thank you all. Keep riding the great white plaines!”

Ride Of The Iron Horse, the album, is set for full release on March 22 and will be available on both CD and vinyl. In a nod to the vibrant visuals that have always accompanied Thor's music, the album features original art design by internationally renowned comic book artist Timo Wuerz. With his dynamic illustrations, Wuerz captures the essence of Thor's larger-than-life persona, bringing a visual dimension to the sonic onslaught.


"Ride Of The Iron Horse"

"Lightning Rod" feat. KHEMI$T

"5-0 Let's Go"

"Peace By Piece"

"Unlock The Power"

"No Time For Games"

"Bring It On"

"Flight Of The Striker" (Unreleased 1987)

"Had It Been Another Day" (Unreleased 1986)

"Watch Your Back" (Unreleased 2002)

"Hit And Run" (1979 Demo)

"100%" (1979 Demo)

"Shields Up"

Bonus Tracks:

"Thunder On The Mountain" (Unreleased 1979)

"To The Extreme" (Unreleased 1999)

"Ride Of The Iron Horse" lyric video:

Fans eager to experience Thor's magnificent stage presence firsthand will have the opportunity to do so as he embarks on a tour this March, joined by special guests Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre. From the rocky terrain of Colorado to the sun-drenched shores of California, and across the border to the metal-loving masses of Canada, Thor's tour promises to be an unforgettable celebration of metal music at its finest.

Tour dates:


2 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO

4 - Aces High - Salt Lake City, UT

8 - Whisky A Go Go - Los Angeles, CA

15 - Hollywood Theater - Portland, OR

16 - Coffin Club - Portland, OR


12 - Modern Love - Calgary, AB

13 - The Starlight - Edmonton, AB


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