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New Anvil Studio Album To Be Released June 28, 2024

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

As posted Dec 25, 2024 on Anvil's Social media the date for the upcoming new album studio album June 28, 2024

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Anvil's singer guitarist Steve ' Lips' Kudlow about the bands upcoming tour, Anvil documentary and upcoming new album.

Watch full interview here

When asked about the upcoming Canadian regional tour from October 12th to November 18th 2023 "We're in the in between. We just got back from Germany, I just finished recording our 20th album and that that went really well. I can tell you this. I can honestly say that it's (new album) is a bookend to our career in a certain sense. The way we started out is the way we're ending up. It's actually quite interesting, a complete circle. What do I mean by that? What we recorded is probably going to be as accessible, if not more accessible than Metal on Metal. "

When asked if this will be the last Anvil album

"I don't know maybe there's another album or two. I'm 67 dude, I got heart problems. I don't know how much longer I got you know what I mean. Life has a beginning, middle and end that's the way it works for everybody no one gets out alive, no exception."

When asked if they will play any of the new album live (recently recorded)

"No you can't do that. In the old days you could but that's before social media and people filming every night. I really don't want to release new songs by somebody videotaping me with their with their phone at a gig. I'd rather put the real recording out there."

When asked about the recording of the new album

" I was so well prepared this time, I finished everything within probably two weeks. I finished way earlier. We booked five weeks and I was done in three. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that that's just the way it went. I went in really prepared. It only took about two or three days to to put all the bed tracks down of 14 songs and then for seven days straight. "

When asked if after the tour will Anvil be working on anything else "No we're not doing anything until then the new album comes out and that could be not till next summer. So next summer and between between November and I guess May or June I'm going to be getting a procedure done to my heart. I've got this atrial fibrillation which is not a good thing. They got to put a wire into a vein and then up into my heart and burn some nerve endings that are making my heart beat irregularly and that's how they fix it. It's not open surgery or anything it's just done in two hours. I'm going to be doing that probably in November and December and then after that's done I'm gonna probably begin writing for the next album 21. By the time that we go out on tour for the newest album that I just finished I will have the new album like the last time. I'll have the another new album already written it's a cycle."

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