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More Quiet Riot Unreleased Tracks A Good Possibility- Director Regina Banali & Guitarist Alex Grossi

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Quiet Riot's director Regina Banali (wife of the late Frankie Banali) and guitarist Alex Grossi about the bands new unleased Quiet Riot track featuring Kevin DuBrow on Vocals.

Plus the two give updates on the band.

Watch full interview here

When asked about the recently lost and re-imaged song with Kevin DuBrow on vocals

"Twenty years ago we wrote it. The song came off of a CDR. We worked for a weekend out in Vegas where Kevin lived and then he came to the airport and give me a CDR of what we did. So I dumped the CDR into my iTunes which got transferred to an iPod and then disappeared. So the CDR is long gone, that was the only copy there was. The song was guitar and vocals on an iPod we found last year. We also had a bunch of drum tracks from Frankie (Banali) to use. We got together in the studio and figured out that it could actually work extracting it off the iPod. I added some guitar solos, Regina played tambourine and basically Rudy (Sarzo) finished it up. And it came out it came out really good. Out of necessity we had to go with the with the tracks we had to work with. Kevin recorded (that Song) in his home studio in 2003 and he had a nice microphone and he had the right pipes and thankfully it all translated to 2022. To give you an idea how long we worked on it, the last mix that we sent in to get mastered is mix number 39. There was 39 revisions on that song. " Alex Grossi

"That guy AJ (Alistair James) that we worked with is a genius editor. He really took it apart and and nuanced every little note and we really took it in and listened and we played around with it and we tried things and we lived with it for a while. Then we tried out different things and we lived with that for a while and we really took our time with it and just babyed this until it was perfect. It was over the course of months. " Regina Banali

When asked if there were more unreleased Quiet Riot songs

"There is so much stuff in my garage and in storage units that I have to take apart with formats that I don't even know how to play things on. So it's entirely possible that there's more but I don't know." Regina Banali

"I know that I wrote about seven or eight songs with Kevin during that time a couple of which ended up on Rehab ( Quiet Riot Album). Based on once we get into all the cdrs and all the files, there's definitely more out there. It's just a matter of if we can dig it up and if we can make it work the way this one did. Thankfully we have AJ who's crazy how talented and this is right up his alley. It's not only a production thing, it's a digital editing thing because it's all after the fact. So yeah I'd say it's a very good possibility. "Alex Grossi

Legendary rock band Quiet Riot has just re-released "REHAB: RELAPSED AND REMASTERED" via Red Samurai Music. The album includes a previously unreleased track entitled "I Can't Hold On," originally written and demoed by Kevin Dubrow and Alex Grossi in 2003. The finished track features a hauntingly powerful vocal from DuBrow and is a semi-posthumous reunion of DuBrow, Frankie Banali, and Rudy Sarzo. The song was edited and produced by Alistair James, who most recently engineered for Joe Perry and Johnny Depp on the latest "Hollywood Vampires" release "Rise."

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