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Montreal Bar, Where Queensrÿche's Operation Mindcrime Story Was Worked On, To Shut Its Doors

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

As Stated on the bars Facebook page, 'Café-Bar Le Saint-Sulpice' will close permanently at the end of February 2023, after 43 years.

As reported in Montreal La Presse it will be closing down due to a decline in popularity pre pandemic.

The establishment, was known for it's huge terrace in the back. It's clientele consisted of students from the universities, tourists and festival goers. It also hosted many artistic events.

In the Metal World it was the place where Queensryche's lead singer at the time Geoff Tate wrote parts of the story and developed the characters to the bands most iconic album 'Operation Mindcrime'

Geoff Tate told The Metal Voice in a interview he did in 2015," Montreal Canada is a wonderful city very inspirational a lot of the Mindcrime story was written in Montreal. The story line came from my time I spent in Montreal. I used to go to this little club on St-Denis called Le Saint-Sulpice. At the time it was a dark dingy little place, the clientele was a mix of all these different kinds of people and that’s where I met some of the people that became characters in my story. And that’s where I used to spend all my time. Dr X character came from a guy that I met at Le Saint-Sulpice. Sister Mary was a composite of couple of different characters I met one was in Montreal the other was in Amsterdam.”

Queensryche 'Operation Mindcrime'

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