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Manowar To Play First U.S. Exclusive Show On Nov 30, 2024 in Brooklyn New York-Watch Video Here

Manowar has confirmed on social media, via You Tube Video (Joey DeMaio) they will be playing an exclusive show in the U.S. on November 30, 2024 in Brooklyn, New York at the Kings Theatre It will mark the band's first live appearance in MANOWAR's home country in a decade.

WAtch Video Here

Earlier today (Saturday, December 16),MANOWAR shared a video message from bassist/leader Joey DeMaio in which he said: "This is Joey DeMaio from MANOWAR and I have just returned from signing the contract that will bring MANOWAR back to America. November 30th next year, MANOWAR will take the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn apart, taking the roof off the place. So watch social media and pay attention as tickets go on sale this coming Wednesday. We'll see you there."

MANOWAR's last U.S. shows are believed to have taken place in February 2014 when the band celebrated the 25th anniversary of its "Kings Of Metal" album on the "Kings Of Metal MMXIV" tour. Source Blabbermouth

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