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Lee Aaron Says She Is At Peace w/ 'Metal Queen' Moniker, it's About Feminine Empowerment

The Metal Voice recently spoke Metal Queen Lee Aaron about her covers new album TATTOO ME which was released April 26, 2024 via Metallville

She also spoke about the cool scenes in her classic video Metal Queen and told The Metal Voice she is thinking of re-recording her classics.

Watch interview here

Songs are like tattoos” - the famous first line of Joni Mitchell’s Blue – is a sentiment that has always resonated deeply for Canadian rocker LEE AARON.

Eighteen albums into her career, AARON has written, recorded, and produced music achieving gold and multi-platinum sales. Recognized as one of Canada’s top rock vocalists, she’s also made forays into jazz, blues, and even opera, receiving numerous awards and accolades and, most recently, a 2023 induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

“The one thing I’d never done was a full covers album,” says AARON. “It seemed like a really cool and super-fun project to tackle at this point…”

Taking a nostalgic journey, Tattoo Me pays homage to musical trailblazers who helped shape her own artistic path. As a reflection of her eclectic taste, yet in keeping with a profound respect for the greats, these 11 dynamic tracks are a unique tapestry of influences that transcend era and genre.

“It started out as a heartfelt nod to artists we’d been influenced by in our youth, but the truth is, we didn’t stop being influenced or being fans at 18, so the list kept evolving. It covers a few decades and a few unconventional choices, but it was incredibly rewarding to make!” she states.

Each track is a labor of love, infused with AARON and her band’s signature rock ’n’ roll swagger, yet in keeping with a sense of reverence for the originals.

The album was produced by AARON in her Vancouver studio and mixed by multi-media genius Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie, L7, Def Leppard, Larkin Poe, Ian Hunter, and more).

“One of the positive things that came out of the pandemic was that we all upgraded our home studios and got very good at engineering and recording ourselves. No one was under the pressure of a studio clock, so the performances are as genuine as they’re gonna get.”

From the sizzling blues-rock of 1960's Nina Simone’s “The Pusher,” to the rebellious energy of 1972 Alice Cooper’s “Is it My Body,” AARON growls, purrs, whispers, and wails, sounding like she’s having an absolute blast infusing these songs with her own fiery spirit. Her voice is as versatile and powerful as ever.

Standout tracks include a rendition of Led Zeppelin's “What is and What Should Never Be,” Heart’s “Even it Up,” and Hole’s “Malibu.” Stellar performances by AARON’s long-term band - Sean Kelly (guitar), Dave Reimer (bass), and John Cody (drums) - effortlessly channel these '70s and '80s rock giants and seem to capture the original magic of each of the tunes.

Another gem is AARON's take on Elton John’s “Someone Saved My Life Tonight.” Kelly’s gorgeous acoustic guitars create the soundscape, then strings and lush harmonies support her stirring vocal performance. The tribute is passionate and heartfelt. She reflects, “I spent hours and hours laying on my basement floor with headphones listening to 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' on repeat. I desperately wanted someone to save me from my boring life when I was a teenager…music ended up being that for me.”

The album also takes some unexpected turns, with delightful interpretations of songs from a diverse range of artists, including mid '90s BritPop band Elastica, California’s 77’s, and the Undertones. Each track echoes the vibe of the era while seamlessly fitting into the lineage of AARON's own storied career.

Tattoo Me is a sonic time capsule, bridging the decades. Once again, cementing her status as a rock ’n’ roll chameleon, AARON blends the old and the new, proving not only that the transcendent power of music never stops, but that she herself isn’t ready to anytime soon.


Lee Aaron - lead vocals

Sean Kelly - guitars

Dave Reimer - bass

John Cody - drums


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