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Doro Planning North American Tour & 40 Year Anniversary Live DVD- Watch Interview @M3 Rock Festival 2024

Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice recently spoke to singer Doro Pesch at this years M3 Rock Festival on May 4, 2024

Photo by Fernando Bonenfant

Watch here

In the interview Doro spoke about plans for an upcoming North American tour and a live DVD

Upcoming North American Tour:

"We actually changed our agencies. I just met our new agent right here ten minutes ago in our dressing room. We definitely planning a long tour (Canada included) and I don't know exactly when and how."

Live 40 year anniversary DVD:

"I just celebrated my big anniversary so we did two huge shows. Two and a half hours shows with many guests and so we are working on a Blu-ray DVD and live and we want to put it out next year."

German metal queen Doro Pesch released her new studio album, "Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud", on October 27 via Nuclear Blast.


1. Children Of The Dawn 4:06

2. Fire In The Sky 3:26

3. Living After Midnight 3:52

4. All For You 3:55

5. Lean Mean Rock Machine 3:00

6. I Will Prevail 3:54

7. Bond Unending 2:30

8. Time For Justice 3:30

9. Fels in der Brandung 3:41

10. Love Breaks Chains 4:57

11. Drive Me Wild 4:07

12. Rise 3:11

13. Best In Me 4:26

14. Heavenly Creatures 3:56

15. Total Eclipse Of The Heart 4:00

16. Bonus Track: Warlocks And Witches 1:34

17. Bonus Track: Horns Up High 3:41

18. Bonus Track: True Metal Maniacs 3:37

19. Bonus Track: Heart In Pain


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