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King's X Doug Pinnick Explains How He Was Abducted By Alien Who Looked Like Jesus, at The Age of 3

Neil Turbin (ANTHRAX) for Canada's The Metal Voice, spoke to KING'S X frontman Doug "Dug" Pinnick about his belief that he was abducted by an alien when he was just three years old.

The interview was conducted at 'Rock for Ronnie concert in the park on May 7, 2023 at Los Encinos park.

Watch here

Excerpt of the chat

Neil- Tell us about the incident you had early on in life

Dug- I was abducted by Aliens when I was three (years old)

Neil-You remember when you were three?

Dug- Oh yes, I remember several things when I was three. I have this brain that just remembers things that were out of the ordinary. The reason I know I was three is because my mother was still living with me and my mother left me when I was three. So I remember coming back into whatever it was that I had experienced and she was there and I was in her lap crying and I remember it was dark outside and that's the last I remember of her for years. I was sleeping and this person came into my room and he had long blonde hair and he had a robe on and he had a silver belt wrapped around it and I remember he was very tall. And he had these sandals on. He had these sandals that were wrapped around his legs. I remember going out the back door and going up. It was very bright outside even though I had just woken up. I remember it was so bright and we were going up. At that point I realized something's going wrong man, going on that I'm not into. I remember I tried to get away from this being and I pulled and pulled. Finally I remember he let go of my hand and the next thing I remember I was in my mom's lap.

Here's my point. I used to think I was just crazy and it was stupid but when I was in my 40's I was watching Ancient Aliens and they were talking about the four alien races that supposedly people have communicated with and have been abducted. So they showed the aliens and the one alien was called the Nordic and that was the alien that I remembered. See, before that I thought I was just dreaming and it was bull-shit. But 40 years later I see the being that took my hand and I went up into the Sky with. So that's why I believe that I was abducted because if you put it all together it totally makes sense because it did happen. Anyway I don't know the outcome of it but I do believe in aliens and I do believe in all that shit. I think they all have a valid place in our belief system. And I think that there are people that can actually say that this happened to them.

Neil-What did the alien look like?

Dug- Like Jesus, the American version of Jesus. He had blue eyes, blonde hair, long blonde hair. I thought it was Jesus. Growing up in a Christian family to me it was okay Jesus came and something happened and I came back.

Neil -Did you speak to him or did you talk?

Dug- No we never talked, we didn't talk I remember several things when I was very young I remember my great-grandfather when he died I was one and a half. So what I'm saying is anything that tragically happened in my life I remember.

KING'S X released its 13th studio album, "Three Sides Of One", on September 2. The LP was recorded during 2019 at Black Sound Studio in Pasadena, California with Emmy Award-winning producer Michael Parnin.

The new KING'S X LP was mastered in June 2021 at the Bernie Grundman Mastering facility in Hollywood, California

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