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King Diamond Guitarist Andy LaRocque Envisions A More Organic Sound On Upcoming Studio Album

Jimmy Kay and Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin from Canada's The Metal Voice ( recently spoke to King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque. LaRocque gave The Metal Voice his top 6 King Diamond Albums as well as checked in regards to the upcoming King Diamond Album as well as talked his production work with other band at his Studio, Sonic Train Studio

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Any news on the upcoming King Diamond studio album?

"During Covid 19 we have been working on and writing for King Diamond, I know people have been saying it takes forever but yeah it does. We want to have the best material when we pick out the good songs before we start recording them. Our goal is to go out on the road again when all this Covid stuff is over with but before that we need to have an album out there. We got some pressure yes. King has got the basic lines of the story already in his mind and I have 4-5 songs that are possible for the next album. I know King has got tons of riffs. As soon as he sits down and gets it down on tape it's going to go fast. "

Did Covid lock down postpone things?

"Covid was difficult because we had a few shows booked at 6the time it started, it came like a shock for all of us I believe, we were kind of paralyzed in the beginning and then we tried to make the best out of it and that was just to sit down and write riffs. Yeah we got a little paralyzed with all this happening we just tried to adapt to the new situation and make new plans for the future."

What would be your vision for the new album?

"Melodies of course, super important, without melodies there is no music. I am also envisioning a more organic sound on the album. If you look back to the older albums, when Mikkey (Dee) played, a little up and down in tempos, that makes it dynamic and also organic. So that is one thing I would like to hear on the next album an organic feel. The drummer is a really important thing and I know that Matt Thomson ( King Diamond Drummer) is the right guy to do it."

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