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Judas Priest's Richie Faulkner-Elegant Weapons' Debut Has All Our Influences but Has Its Own Flavor

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner about his new band and debut album Elegant Weapons 'Horns For A Halo'. The debut album which includes singer Ronnie Romero — RAINBOW, VANDENBERG, MICHAEL SCHENKER—along with bassist Dave Rimmer from URIAH HEEP and on drums, Christopher Williams from German Metal veterans ACCEPT will be release on April 26, 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records Faulkner also gave an update on the new Judas Priest studio album and spoke about his experience at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when Judas Priest was inducted in 2022. Watch here

When asked to describe the musical direction on Elegant Weapons' debut album "It's a record that comes from all of our influences but hopefully has its own flavor as well. I wanted to achieve something that was different, that just stood on its own two legs. We've almost finished the third (Judas Priest) so there's no point in making a band outside of Priest that sounds like Priest." When asked why Scott Travis and Rex Brown who played on the album won't be touring "Obviously Rex is in this band called Pantera and I think they're gonna do quite well. Scott Travis was unable to do the live dates and I was just again fortunate enough to have him on the record. So when I was looking for the band to tour and play dates, obviously Ronnie (Romero) was on board. Dave Rimmer (Bassist) is a very good friend of mine. I was his best man at his wedding and we've known each other for over 20 years. We used to play all the gigs we could in London and England. As for drummer the only choice really was Christopher Williams from Accept. Christopher actually played on the early demos of the Horns for a Halo record when Scott was unavailable and I wanted to get the process moving. So I called up Christopher and I asked him, can you come and play these songs so we can start putting the tracks together and then Scott can come in later and work his magic. So when it came to putting the band together for going on tour and doing these dates Christopher was the only choice really. He knew the songs already, he was already in the family, so to speak he's a great guy, fantastic drummer. " When asked for the next album Elegant Weapons if they would they use Scott Travis or Christopher Williams? "We've actually already started recording the drums for the next record with Christopher. As the band grows, we've done a couple of things, we've been doing some video shoots, we've got into rehearsals to do the live shows um and it that becomes the band. "

When asked about an update on the new Judas Priest album "We're almost finished the (Judas Priest) record. We are waiting for Rob (Halford) to put his vocals down and we're getting there. So I think we're looking for next year sometime to get that record out and with a record comes a tour cycle normally. So this gap came at the perfect time really, to release a new record, a new statement from me and the band and do some live dates." When asked what stage they are in completing the new Judas Priest studio album "Almost complete, the songs have been around for a little while now but we didn't have the ability to get together and record them because of the covid pandemic. When that lifted we then got out on the road so, then we had to record the stuff around being on the road. So we'd do a tour leg, then I would come back and do the guitars and then we'd do the drums and then go back out on the road. We've done things around the touring cycle. Now Rob's doing the vocals so they're almost finished. What I can say and I've said it before, it's a little (new album) bit more Progressive a little bit more musically not experimental but it's got a few more riffs in there."

When asked about his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame experience "It was surreal. When I got there and you see who's there yeah and it's like holy cow that's Lionel Richie or that's Pat Benatar, that's Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, like wow that that's pretty amazing stuff . You can't deny you're in the presence of some Legends . It was an amazing thing and obviously K.K. (Downing) was there. It was great to meet K.K., I'd never met K.K. before. He was a proper gentleman, it was great to meet him. I know the band has a history with him and I have by default but there's no problem with me and him. I haven't got a problem with him, he hasn't got a problem with me. It was great to see Les (Binks). I've got a relationship with Les. We used to play covers and stuff together in England. But it was great to meet K.K. and play with K.K. and be part of and be allowed to be part of their induction, be part of the band, to represent Judas Priest in 2022. I actually offered to get off and not be a part of it and let those guys do it but they were adamant they wanted me up there. Playing with Ken was great if I ever get the chance again, who knows but I got the chance to be part of the triple attacks a team with Judas Priest so it was an honor and a pleasure." Ronnie Romero – Vocals Richie Faulkner – Guitars Dave Rimmer – Bass Christopher Williams – Drums 1. Bitter Pill 4:46 2. Blind Leading The Blind 4:38 3. Dead Man Walking 5:39 4. Dirty Pig 5:00 5. Do Or Die 5:21 6. Downfall Rising 5:53 7. Ghost Of You 5:26 8. Horns For A Halo 4:04 9. Lights Out 5:06 10. White Horse 7:02

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