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John Steel To Release 3rd album "Distorted Reality" Featuring Former Accept Singer David Reece

John Steel to release their long awaited third album "Distorted Reality" Featuring David Reece on all vocals July 15th via Global Rock Records:

John Steel (the band named after the literal English translation of guitarist Ivan Stalev) are a Bulgarian traditional Heavy Metal band that are well known in their home country.

Having released two previous albums featuring Blaze Bayley and Doogie White respectively, they are now forging ahead with their third record "Distorted Reality" featuring none other than Iron Allies frontman David Reece (also ex: Accept, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire).

This will mark the first worldwide release for the band.

Ivan Stalev offers the following comment: "We are very excited to make this partnership with Global Rock, it is our first label signing and with David Reece on vocals we have delivered a great powerful classic sounding Heavy Metal album"

Vocalist David Reece adds:

"I am very pleased to be part of the latest John Steel album, The guys have an undying hunger for Metal and it shows on this album how truly talented each one of them is, i am also very pleased that Global Rock will be handling this latest release, giving the album a worldwide release so everyone can hear what i am talking (and singing) about!"

The physical edition of the new album will also include, as a significant bonus, the two previous John Steel albums, making this a great overall package featuring 3 legendary vocalists. Track listing for Distorted Reality:

Black Demon Distorted Reality Woman Of Ice Dante's Retribution Evil The Spell Messiah's Day Rise From The Dead Fallen Angel

Listen to the previously released first single "Distorted Reality" right here: Connect online:

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