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Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson To Work On Solo Album With Roy Z, After Spoken Word Shows

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Bruce Dickinson to continue working on solo album with Roy Z after his spoken word tour. Dickinson said this during the question-and-answer portion of his March 23, 2022 spoken-word show at MTelus in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As reported by The Metal Voice video below

Photo Credit above Fernando Bonenfant

During the Q and A he said, "It's been something like 14 years since the last solo album. So the problem is when I did the last chunk of writing for the solo album before the Book of Souls Tour, obviously. In 2015 we made the album (Iron Maiden Book of Souls). 2016 I had Cancer, 2017 we played catch up to all the stuff we did before. Then 2018-2019. Then this stupid pandemic decided to ruin it up, so there was nothing we could do then. So now we are revisiting it and when I get done with these spoken word shows I'm going back to LA and we are working on it three weeks and then I'm working with Maiden. Roy Z will be working on the instrumental parts. The eventually hopefully this year or next year we should have it finished. When it goes out that is another question."

Bruce will hit the road with IRON MAIDEN for a new North American leg of the band's "Legacy Of The Beast" tour in September.

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