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Helloween Working On New Music For Next Studio Album

Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviews Heloween singer Michael Kiske. In the chat Michael Kiske spoke about the bands upcoming tour as well as Helloween working on new music and his first encounter with Whitesnake's singer David Coverdale.

Watch full interview here

Michael Kiske was asked about if Helloween was working on new music he replied, " (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Actually, 10 days ago, or maybe a week ago, Kai [Hansen, guitar/vocals] has sent me a demo of a song that he was [working on] that I was very happy about, because it's not what you would expect; the song was a bit outside of the box, which I am always grateful for. I always thought that was exciting about HELLOWEEN. When you check out the 'Keeper [Of The Seven Keys: Part] I' and 'Keeper [Of The Seven Keys: Part] II' records, now they're classics, but when they came out, it was very different to what the 'Walls Of Jericho' record sounded like. But we had the balls to do it. And I think that's why I'm still here, because those records had an impact because of being pretty fearless. And it is always the benefit of the youth; most of the time, the younger people are very fearless.

"What I like about Weiki [guitarist Michael Weikath] and Kai, they can't fool themselves. They just write songs. They don't function in any other way but just making the song, and whatever it is, that's what it is. And that song was a bit QUEEN-like. It had a lot of piano parts in it — very operatic, with big choirs. And then it gets rocking again and stuff like that. It's another Kai Hansen sort of symphony. But I really liked it. And I'm glad that he does something like that. I just hope the rest of the band has the balls to do it. I would do it."

Asked if he will be contributing any musical ideas to HELLOWEEN's next effort, since he didn't write anything on "Helloween", Kiske said: "I don't know. I'm not so much of a metal songwriter. I was when I was a teenager. But these days I just don't write metal songs; I just write songs on acoustic guitar somehow. And if I have something where I feel like the band could make a HELLOWEEN song out of it, of course I will present it to them, and then if they get a kick out of it, something's gonna happen. But we have so many songwriters in this band now. And they're all really capable of writing that sort of material that everybody loves, and that's mainly Andi [Deris, vocals], Sascha [Gerstner, guitar], Weiki and Hansen. And I think that's more than enough. If I have an idea, I sneak it in. But I don't really push myself."

As for whether the rest of HELLOWEEN has also begun composing music for the band's next LP, Kiske said: "I know that Andi has songs, and I know that Kai has a whole bunch of songs. He was a bit lazy last time; he only had that one great song, [the 12-minute] 'Skyfall', which was maybe good for three songs, and that's why it's justified, but I would have wished for even more from him. And I think this time he will be presenting a whole bunch of songs more. At least that's my impression, the feeling that I have — there might be more coming from him this time. Andi is always in the game. Andi has this gift; he can just sit down and write 10 songs. He can just do it. I don't know how he does it."

HELLOWEEN will return to the U.S. and Canada this spring as part of the "United Forces" world tour alongside supporting special guests HAMMERFALL. The trek will commence on May 13 in Dallas, Texas and wind its way through a total of 13 cities, the journey drawing to a close on June 3 in San Francisco, California.

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Jun 19, 2023

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