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Former Scorpions' Guitarist Uli Jon Roth To Release Book 'In Search of the Alpha Law'

Canada's The Metal Voice interviewed former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth on March 28, 2023. In the chat Roth talks about his new book entitled 'In Search of the Aplpha Law' as well as his up coming US tour in 2023.

Watch interview here

In the interview Uli Jon Roth was asked about his upcoming US tour and how he plans on integrating his new book during his 3 hour performance, he said," The show is different from any tour I've done before. The show consists of two very different halves. It's a three hour show which sounds scary but I been doing three hour shows for a long time we always have an intermission in the middle. I will also integrate like a 15-minute Ted Talk which I've never done that before but where I'm just introducing the book because there's a lot to talk about in the book. The book is 560 Pages plus a thousand photographs. The book is called 'In search of the alpha law'. It' not about my life on the road or my life. it is about my philosophy. Ever since the early Scorpion days I was a closet philosopher. I love Deep Thoughts. A lot of that has to do with the inner spirit and architecture of Music the laws of Music which I found are the same laws that govern pretty much everything else that we see and perceive. If not the whole universe. I think these laws are fundamental laws of nature and even beyond that because they also apply to our mind and in our spirit our soul. These laws are very fascinating to look at and try to understand. So the first half of the show has this Ted talk but it has also quite a few new music pieces which don't really fit into the band format, they're more orchestral,They are very melodic, where the guitar is leading and I have orchestra backing. Second half of the show after the intermission a full-on band show. because I know most of my core audience wants to hear my earlier musical existence including of course the Scorpions and Electric Sun."

Uli Jon Roth became famous for his work with the hard rock band Scorpions and is one of the earliest contributors to the neoclassical metal genre. He is also the founder of Sky Academy and designer of the Sky Guitar.

Scorpions released four studio albums during his tenure as lead guitarist, main songwriter and occasional lead singer between 1974 and 1977.

Roth formed his own band named Electric Sun—releasing three albums

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