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Former Ozzy Guitarist Gus G Talks Last Minute Firewind Tour Supporting Drangoforce in USA/Canada

The Metal Voice Jimmy Kay from checked in with Firewind's Guitarist Gus G and Singer Herbie Langhans in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Corona Theater March 31, 2022.

Watch complete interview here

Gus Told The Metal Voice how the Firewind was added at the last moment to the tour and almost did not make it he said, "We were added on the tour only one and half months ago. We are actually replacing a band called Battle Beast, they couldn't make it and we got the call. I have known Herman Li (Dragonforce guitarist) since the early days, our bands pretty much started at the same time more or less. We have been friends forever. We even did a tour with Dragonforce back in 2006, Europe and the UK. He (Herman) reached out and said can you do this? Do you think you have time? Do you think you have time with such short notice? We talked internally with the band, we called a lawyer. Do we have time to get Visas'? It's a long process for that but somehow we expedited it. I mean Herbie, he literally got his Visa on Friday night and on Saturday morning we flew to Denver. There was a plan B for me to do some instrumental stuff until Herbie would get on the next flight, for the following week. I would have done maybe some solo shows."

Gus G has released his new solo album, "Quantum Leap", via AFM Records in 2021.

"Quantum Leap" track listing:

01. Into The Unknown

02. Exosphere

03. Quantum Leap

04. Chronesthesia

05. Enigma Of Life

06. Judgement Day

07. Fierce

08. Demon Stomp

09. Night Driver

10. Not Forgotten

11. Force Majeure (feat. Vinnie Moore)

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