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Happy Birthday Drummer Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Rainbow) By Milwaukee Tom

Behind the Beat By Milwaukee Tom

Happy birthday to the great Cozy Powell! What a drumming Legend! And he played for some legendary bands and musicians, such as The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, The Michael Schenker Group, Brian May, Robert Plant, Whitesnake, Emerson, Lake & Powell, Tony Iommi and Yngwie Malmsteen. Powell had appeared on at least 66 albums. What a career!

Photo by Facebook Cozy Powell Bash Facebook

Colin Flooks (Cozy Powell) was born in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England and was adopted and he never knew his biological parents. So his interest in drumming came at an early age- in his school’s band/orchestra. It didn’t take long for him to develop his style of aggressive playing, along with his usage of 2 bass drums. Who would have thought back in those early days in England, that he would become one of most influential rock drummers ever. And he’s left his mark on multiple generations of drummers!

My favorite performances by Cozy

1. Stargazer-Rainbow. One of the best drum intros - if not, the best drum intro ever in rock music.

2. Kill The King-Rainbow. Because of his execution of the double bass drumming on that song, he knew exactly where and how much to use it. Too many drummers do it constantly, and it's overkill. Cozy perfects it on that Track

3. Anything from the Whitesnake - Slide it In album. The bass drum sound on that album is still some of the most thunderous bass drumming you ever hear on any album. Every drummer should play with the power and passion that Cozy played with. And he did just that on that legendary Yamaha Drum Set. Happy birthday to one of the best drummers of all time, gone far too soon. Legend.

Cozy Powell December 29,1947 - April 5, 1998

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