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Doro Shares Bullet Containing Late Motorhead's Lemmy's Ashes "I Loved Him So Much"

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Canada's The Metal Voice spoke with DORO PESCH of Warlock about her upcoming Live album Triumph And Agony Live which will be released on 24 September 2021 via Rare Diamonds.

Watch here

During the interview Doro Spoke about the new live album, showed the metal guys the Bullet she was given with Lemmy of Motorhead's ashes, thoughts on a three metal queen tour with Lee Aaron, Lita Ford and herself and talked about the upcoming studio album she is working on in the New Year 2022.

In regards to the new alive album

"We played Sweden Rock and it was the first time we performed the Triumph and Agony in it's entirety and the first time was the most magical one. On the Live CD it is a also mixture of Sweden and Spain. There is also a Blu Ray that comes with it of our performance at Sweden Rock and also a nice documentary which is about 90 minutes long. I think it's very cool even especially for die hard fans. I even put some bootlegs in it like some snippets with our tour with Megadeth in 1988 as well as other videos too."

When asked about the Lemmy ashes she was sent

"There was a beautiful letter that was came with this package, I was so blown away. His ashes is in a bullet and it says Lemmy. I loved him so much."

On the possibility of Touring with Lee Arron and Lita Ford as the Three Metal Queens tour

"Yes I am interested in that it would be awesome. I recently did something nice with Lita Ford in the Studio and it will be on her upcoming record eventually."

DORO Pesch of Warlock will celebrate the 35th anniversary of her hit album Triumph And Agony with the release of the spectacular live album Triumph And Agony Live.

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