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Singer David Reece Explains How Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Gave His Approval To be Vocalist For Accept In 80's

Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed former Accept singer, now solo artist David Reece. In the Chat, Reece talks about his new upcoming studio album 'Baptized by Fire' as well as how Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson gave his approval for Accept hire him in the late 80's.

Also in the interview Reece explains how he was considered for Judas Priest when Halford left the band in the 90's

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"Baptized By Fire" Album will be released March 1st, 2024 via El Puerto Record

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When asked about his new solo album Baptized by Fire and the musical direction

"This music got a lot more, groove involved, more modern sounding, it's heavy and that is a large part of the guys I am playing and working with. They are a lot younger than I am. I cannot say enough how great they are musically.  I make records like it will be my last work. What if this is my last record? Am I satisfied? Yep. The album , is more focused, but darker and more aggressive. It is significantly "heavier" than its two predecessors. Twelve new songs full of power, mature and varied The new band consists of three Italians Riccardo Demarosi, Niccolò and Giovanni Savinelli.

DAVID REECE - Enemy Is Me (2024) // official Clip // El-Puerto-Records

When asked about how Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson gave his thumbs up for hiring him in the late 80's

"That was my final audition in at a club called the Empire, in Cologne Germany. We're sitting across from the venue there's a line of about 2,000 kids and they advertised it as Germany's number one metal band but they didn't say Accept and everybody knew that they had a new singer. The fans were standing out in this March cold rain and a certain manager (of  Accept) said I've invited a friend to come and see and give me their opinion and I'm like oh great and who walks through the door in his bond Captain's fencing uniform but Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden). Then I'm thinking, I'm fired,  I'm done. That's Bruce Dickinson. I couldn't even talk, I was terrified. During the set list, we're playing and there's about 1,500 people in this place stage diving going insane because we're playing the old catalog,  we're not playing anything new. And I could see him (Bruce Dickinson) standing at the soundboard with that person (Accept manager) and I'm giving it everything. I woke up the next morning, expecting to be sent home, heard the band talking, drinking coffee, they said welcome to Accept. I said what did Dickinson say, she (manager) said he leaned over and said hire him and the guy (Bruce) and left. I never talk about that because there's little pieces of my memory in that because I was also told K.K. Downing (Judas Priest) was there. I didn't see him personally but apparently at this long table K.K. was sitting kind of incognito and was invited by the band for their opinion on that as well.  This was no joke guys. I told you in the beginning of this interview they (Accept) did not know if turning left was actually left I mean it was total panic from the decision until they canned me. They were never comfortable in their own skin with that record. (Eat The Heat).


All you need is a gmail account

When asked about how he was considered for an audition for Judas priest when Rob Halford left the band

"I'll take the blame for that one .In those days I done 'Sircle of Silence' and those songs are way up in outer space (vocally). I could do that pretty comfortably, I can still do it now. but not as consistently. Myself.  Ralph Scheepers and Ripper Owens were the three choices for Judas Priests. Now the split up with Accept was ugly, everybody knows that and everybody knows everybody and certain people that manage both bands know each other. One day the fax machine went off and I got a fax from Jayne Andrews we've got your 'Sircle of Silence' album and Glenn (Tipton) and I and the boys love it. Are you available for an audition? I mean, I almost shit myself.  I had been to L.A. put Bangalore Choir together, grunge had come in and you know destroyed all of our careers or we probably we did part of it to ourselves. But here I am getting faxes from Jayne Andrews, Glenn Tipton's woman who's managing (Judas Priest)  for what 40 years. I've met Rob (Halford) a few times years ago and you know I heard the story of what was going on in the band and you know and I mean knew things were kind of weird. And then he went out and did his solo thing. But it kind of went on and on and on and that's a big move for them (Judas Priest) right? I'm ready to get on a plane and go to England and lets Jam. So I get to to Munich (Germany) because I have to do a press campaign for the second Sircle of Silence record and the main editor of Metal Hammer at the time, a dear friend of mine (I'm in his office) and he goes yes I've heard rumors about this, I think you can do it. I said man they faxed me like 10 times and there just no like solid answer. It's like Accept on steroids nobody says yes or no.  He goes well I have K.K.'s name in my Rolodex. So what do I freaking do. My stupid ass I write a letter to K.K., to his home and like three days later I'm getting a fax. I'm back in the States and it's like how dare you go around me and write K.K.(from Management) Who gave you his home address? I kept my mouth shut because my friend said don't tell. So you basically I just shot yourself in the foot. I mean I think they pretty much figured out Ripper was the guy but had I not done that I may have been able at least do a rehearsal. But I got kind of anxious like come on man I'm in Germany I mean it's a 1H hour flight to London. I'm here, just say yes or no. I mean if you know and I'm sure there were some forces behind it kind of scaring them off. I was out of my mind in those days, I mean I'm not going to lie about it. I was like every other guy my age.So I made a mistake and I kind of laughed about it now. "

Not much more needs to be said about David Reece. Since the late 80s, his charismatic voice has enhanced successful albums by ACCEPT, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire and the Sainted Sinners, among others. In addition to this, however, he also continued to focus on his solo career. As the cover and title "Baptized by Fire" already suggest, his latest album is significantly "heavier" than its two predecessors. Twelve new songs full of power, mature and varied. One reason for this is certainly his new band line-up. In his adopted home of Italy, he found three highly talented, creative collaborators with whom he was able to work on the songs around the clock. A paradise for a "thoroughbred" musician like Reece!


01 - Enemy Is Me

02 - We've Lost The Fight

03 - Wrong Move

04 - Payback's A Bitch

05 - No Rest For The Wicked

06 - Twilight of the Gods

07 - Seasons Of A Man

08 - Closer To God

09 - Archbishop Of Anarchy

10 - My Heart Burns

11 - Acceptance Of Denial

12 - Tomorrow Don't Matter Today


David Reece – Vocals

Riccardo Demarosi – Bass

Niccolò Savinelli – Guitars

Giovanni Savinelli - Drums

Tour dates already confirmed:

March 1st, 2024 - Route 47, Fridley (MN)

March 2nd, 2024 - St. Croix Casino, Turtle Lake (WI)


April 11 2024 - KAROSSERIFABRIKKEN / Helsingor Denmark

April 12 2024 - Backstage rock bar / Trollhattan Sweden

April 13 2024 - Metal fest Husqvarna Sweden with Blaze Bailey

April 14 2024 - Helsingborg / Sweden

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