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David Lee Roth Retirement Planned Since 1991 'A Lil Ain't Enough' Video? Prophecy? Coincidence?

David Lee Roth announced the shocking news of his recent retirement on October 1, 2021 on a phone conversation with the Las Vegas review

Two days later Metal -Rules 's Joshua Wood posted on his social media THE PROPHECY HAS BEEN FULFILLED?!

Joshua Wood Posted

"Rocker David Lee Roth just announced his retirement.

Back in 1991 ol' Diamond David Lee Roth released a video for the the title track of his solo album called 'A Lil Ain't Enough'.

In said video Dave, who does have a nice sense of self-deprecating humour, has the final scene in the video where, after spending the bulk of the video dancing around several scantily clad ladies (as he tends to do in his videos) he visits a gypsy fortuneteller who consults a crystal ball.

In the vision of the ball we see a very corpulent Roth on...get this.... OCTOBER 10th, 2021 (next week!).... getting out of his hover car at the parking lot of the Anaheim Stadium for a date on his 'Absolute Final Tour'. He is surrounded by girls, bodyguards and greets the press.

As a side note: the keen eyed will notice that the parking lot of the stadium for his 'sold out' show is empty. Intentional? I think so. "

Watch the video here, go to the 4:05 minute mark

The video's final scene so happens to also be David Lee Roth's Birthday on October 10, 2021. Coincidence?

(Just a note The Metal Voice hopes this is good old DLR usually playful hype and not anything serious as the man is a legend and highly respected)

"I'm Throwing in the shoes. I'm retiring" Roth said in a phone conversation with the Las Vegas review and re-posted on and Van Halen News Desk

David Lee Roth has released the official music video for a new solo song called "Lo-Rez Sunset". The clip, which also features original artwork by the VAN HALEN singer, can be seen below.

"Lo-Rez Sunset" was one of five songs included in last fall's The Roth Project, an online comic narrated by Roth, with music from John 5 on guitar and bass, Greg Bissonette on drums, Brett Tuggle on keyboards, and Luis Conte on percussion. The 17-chapter comic also included four other songs Roth co-wrote with John 5 and recorded several years ago at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, California: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill", "Alligator Pants", "Giddy-Up!" and "Manda Bala". Source Blabbermouth

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