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New Alcatrazz Song & Video 'Grace of God ' Watch Here

Watch Alcatrazz's new song and video 'Grace of God. Video is set in the Middle Ages, it is about the fear of being sent off to war to fight for your King, your Queen or your country… to invade a land you’ve never heard of, to conquer people you know nothing about, to fight for a reason you’re not sure of and the desperation in accepting such fate. Taken from our upcoming album 𝐕 due October 15th, pre-order now:

Watch here

New Album produced by Giles Lavery and Jimmy Waldo, and mixed by Andy Haller (Elton John, Joe Cocker, SYSTEM OF A DOWN), "V" also includes guest appearances from TANK's Cliff Evans (bass on "Grace Of God"), and RIOT's Donnie Van Stavern (bass on "Guardian Angel", "Nightwatch" and "Target"), underscoring how perennially popular ALCATRAZZ's music remains with their peers. "V" stands for ALCATRAZZ's fifth studio album of course… but it also stands just as resolutely for Victory; the victory that sees ALCATRAZZ 2021 stronger than ever despite all the odds.

Track listing:

01. Guardian Angel 02. Nightwatch 03. Sword Of Deliverance 04. Turn Of The Wheel 05. Blackheart 06. Grace Of God 07. Return To Nevermore 08. Target 09. Maybe Tomorrow 10. House Of Lies 11. Alice's Eyes 12. Dark Day For My Soul

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