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Chris Holmes Super Charged London Show Review, Plus Q & A Video in Northampton

Chris Holmes performs last night at Boston Music room in London, England on June 24 , 2023.

Photo by Antoine de Montremy

I was super impressed by last nights show. Chris Holmes and his band set the stage on fire with their raw energy and take no prisoners attitude.

Case and point no backing tracks at all, no clicks, this was heavy metal the way it should be played . What you saw on stage was a well rehearsed band playing the classic W.A.S.P. songs along with Holmes’ big songs from his solo albums and a few covers.

This band did not need to magically dial in vocals or back vocals and sound effects out of thin air, they proved that bands today can still get up on stage and perform live even at 65 (it was Chris 65th' birthday the other night).

I was really blown away by how well the W.A.S.P songs were performed and especially impressed on how Chris ‘ solo material hit the mark live. His songs were refreshing, raw, melodic, punchy and had a bit of humour. Born, Work, Die.

Chris’ international band consists of Canada’s Chuck Lambert on bass and vocals, France’s Florian Lagoutte on guitar and UK drummer Stephen Jackson.

The packed super charged fans at the Boston Music Room dug every minute of last nights performance.

Do yourself a favour and check out the MEAN MAN Chris Holmes live in a town near you.

Song highlights for me last night

On Your Knees WASP

Get With It SOLO

Let It Roar SOLO

Blind in Texas WASP

I Am What I Am SOLO

Born Work Die SOLO

Wild Child WASP

I would like to mention that opening band Kane are a great upcoming aggressive melodic speed metal band that everyone needs to check out

Jimmy Kay

Also check out the fan Q and A in Northampton England

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