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Bruce Dickinson First Single 'Afterglow of Ragnarok' Cover Art Revealed, Release Date Dec 1, 2023

HMV online has revealed Bruce Dickinson's artwork and release date of his upcoming single 'Afterglow of Ragnarok'

The website says

Released: 1st December 2023. 'Afterglow of Ragnarok' is the brand new single from legendary Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, his first new solo release in 19 years. This deluxe 7' single comes in a gatefold that contains a comic book in the centerfold.

Renowned around the world as one of the greatest and most distinctive heavy metal vocalists of all time, Bruce Dickinson will be releasing a brand-new solo album in early 2024 on BMG Records. Entitled The Mandrake Project it sees him reunited with long-time musical collaborator and producer Roy Z.

The Mandrake Project will be Dickinson’s seventh solo album and his first since Tyranny Of Souls in 2005.


All you need is a gmail account

According to the packaging it says, Limited edition deluxe gatefold 7 inch single with comic book centerfold

Disc 1

1.Afterglow of Ragnarok

2. If Eternity Should Fail

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