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Bobby Blitz Defines New OverKill Album 'Scorched Is Where We've Been And What We Are'

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to OverKill Singer Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth about the bands upcoming 20th studio album 'Scorched', which will be released April 14, 2023 via Nuclear Blast

Watch full interview here

Bobby Blitz spoke about the album overall ,he said," We used Colin Richardson (producer) again. This is his fourth project with us. He's a friend. We trust the guy. He did a record for us from soup to nuts called 'Killbox 13' (2003), and that is a heavy piece of real estate. I think it was just released in 2004 when the popularity of the genre was not way up there; it wasn't at its healthiest state. But that's one of the best-sounding fucking records we've ever done, and he's directly responsible for that. So when he did this mix, we didn't give him a lot of guidance. I mean, we did the production and kind of guided him along with regard to what our ideas were, but not generalization in sound. But I do remember saying to him or D.D. (Verni, OVERKILL bassist) saying to him, rather; we agreed on this, we wanted a record that you could play really loud but it doesn't tire you out. Sometimes you get one of those records, you put on four tracks, you've got it on at nine, and you go, I've gotta take a break. I need a nap. It's heavy as fuck, but I need a nap. And I think he did that. And the way he did it was that he used, for instance, some of the natural drum resonance from the room that he mixed in with whatever was digital. He did a throwback guitar back to the kind of early '90s. So it's like capturing two eras — it's like capturing something in the past and exactly the present, and listening to those two eras simultaneously."

When asked about the musical direction of "Scorched" he said: "It's eclectic. It's diverse. It's got different dynamics and characteristics. How do you make that in an OVERKILL record? It's traditional heavy metal. It's got mellow sections. It's got groove. It's got thrash. It's got rock and roll. It's got blues. It's, like, all over the fucking map. But you have to sew those pieces together and then take the whole thing and try to make it — you know, put your brand on it. And I think that that's what we succeeded in doing. And what's directly responsible is the amount of time that we had."

Blitz then was asked to define the new album in a few words he replied, 'Scorched is where we've been and what we are."

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