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Blaze Bayley Releases New Video Single 'Mind Reader' - Watch Here

Metal Hall of Fame inductee Blaze Bayley reveals his 3rd music video & single from the 'Circle of Stone' album which is due for release on 23rd February.

Watch the video here

In the video Blaze repeatedly gets up off the canvas, with a nod to the world famous Rocky movies where, as we well know, Sylvester Stallone's character defiantly keeps getting to his feet.

Mind Reader is the opening track of the new album, whilst the previous two singles were the title track 'Circle of Stone' & 'Rage'.

Following a heart attack early in 2023, Blaze spent most of that year recovering from life-saving quadruple bypass surgery. He returned to the live circuit late in 2023 but really hits the ground running in 2024 having already toured Spain & Ireland, including multiple sold-out shows & critical praise. In addition to promoting the new album, he also celebrates this year the 30th anniversary of when he first joined Iron Maiden in what became a 5 year stint 1994-1999, including worldwide tours & 2 albums 'The X-Factor' & 'Virtual XI'. Those albums have become much more appreciated in recent times, cited by many as the birth of Maiden's more progressive style.

So it is that Blaze tours a mixture of shows in 2024, with a 30th Anniversary set & a 'Circle of Stone' set. For touring details please see the 'tour' page at

Circle of Stone track listing…

1. Mind Reader

2. Tears in Rain

3. Rage

4. The Year Beyond This Year

5. Ghost in the Bottle

6. The Broken Man

7. The Call of the Ancestors

8. Circle of Stone

9. Absence

10. A Day of Reckoning

11. The Path of the Righteous Man

12. Until We Meet Again

Ex-Iron Maiden Blaze Bayley- 'Circle of Stone' New Album- Iron Maiden Legacy

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