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Blaze Bayley Recalls Experience Opening For Iron Maiden On 'No Prayer for The Dying Tour' in U.K. w/ Wolfsbane

Canada's The Metal Voice recently interviewed Ex-Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley

In the chat Blaze talked about his new studio ''CIRCLE OF STONE' that will be released on Feb 23, 2024.

Blaze Photo Kate Ross

Blaze also talks about opening for Iron Maiden on the No prayer for the Dying Tour.

Watch full Interview here

In Blaze’s own words the ‘Circle of Stone’ album is a work of 2 halves…

“Side one comprises six unconnected songs that describe human frailty, resilience, courage, and gratitude. Can you look to yourself for answers? Can you fight against all the odds to take your future in your own hand, or do you accept the fate that other people tell you is what you deserve? Believe in yourself. You can survive the knocks, defeats and disappointments of your life and come back stronger. That is the hope we hold in our first six songs.”

Blaze continues… “Side two contains six connected songs that tell the story of our forgotten tribe; a search for the truth in the heart of the circle of tall stones. Seeking the mystical portal, whilst the ancestors call to you in dreams, you have denied them. They demand vengeance and reckoning but you are a selfish, materialistic coward, and you have avoided the true path of your future. You must find a way to become selfless and courageous to lead our tribe back to the homeland of our ancestors. This is the journey described by the six songs of side two.“

Blaze Bayley also talks about opening for Iron Maiden on the 'No prayer for the dying' tour in U.K. w/ Wolfsbane.

When asked what his experience was like

"That was just the best thing I ever did. It was incredible. My dreams were coming true and I was asked to be part of the Iron Maiden football team. So I actually played for the Maiden football team. So it was fantastic man. You're playing football on the days off, oh it's just it was incredible. I think it was 33 sold out UK shows, it was the last time they ever played theaters in the UK. It was a fantastic."

When asked if it  even crossed mind at the time if one day he would be fronting Iron Maiden

"No, no I I felt like my voice was so different to Bruce (Dickinson). But you know what the confidence of those guys. I would push it a little bit more every night. We'd always be on time very respectful of the time and said this is the time on, that's a time off, that's it. We always made sure that we were good for the time. But I'd see the big side fills the frames with the speakers in and you know I know Bruce climbed up, so I'd have a climb. And I'll climb up  and you know the lads would egg me on, go on have a go. And I was thinking afterwards I thought I'm going to get right trouble for this? No never said anything. I kept doing it every night and eventually I was standing on top of the things Bruce use to stand on. And Steve Harris come over there one night I thought oh here we go.  And he goes I've seen you climbing up there  and he goes it's nice to have a band that pushes us. Incredible isn't it? No ego at all.  And that's why they're at the top and they deserve to stay at the top because that's the attitude. It's like  not that  they're saying oh no, someone will blow us away they're going oh we better really get to work because someone is trying to blow us away. "


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The recording of the new album was completed in March 2023 just two days before Blaze suffered a heart attack, needing life-saving bypass surgery. The album was held in abeyance whilst Blaze recovered. As well as his regular team from British melodic metal band Absolva (Chris Appleton on lead guitar, Luke Appleton on power guitar, Martin McNee on drums, Karl Schramm on bass), Blaze called upon a fascinating mix of collaborators…

Niklas Stalvind (from Swedish metal band Wolf) - guest vocals on ‘Circle of Stone’, ‘Call of the Ancestors’ & ‘A Day of Reckoning’

Talented singer Tammy-Rae Bois, from South Wales (UK), who duets with Blaze on ‘Until We Meet Again’

Gifted Dutch violinist Anne Bakker who plays on ‘Rage’ & ‘Until We Meet Again’

Last but not least Vicky Kennerley, from the West Midlands (UK), adds the spectacular & unmistakable bag pipes featured on ‘Call of the Ancestors’

Chris Appleton mixed the record, & co-produced with Blaze. Ade Emsley mastered. Akirant Illustration provided the fantastic lay-out & design.

Blaze & the band are touring Europewide, weaving between Circle of Stone tour dates & 30th Anniversary shows - celebrating 30 years since he joined Iron Maiden.

For more info please refer to

Reviews & interviews are invited. Airplay is invited also, with preferred track the new single 'Rage'. Contact: Mark Appleton (manager) by email

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