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Armored Saint's Singer John Bush Steps Down On Tour Due To Illness, Jason McMaster To Fill In

Armored Saint has posted a Statement on their social media saying that singer John Bush will step down on tour to recover from illness and singer Jason McMaster will step in until he gets better

Photo by Perrin Wolfson


What up Saint faithful!! The tour has been awesome so far. We’ve had killer shows with incredible receptions, so we thank you all who’ve attended. You guys have been amazing!

We also want to thank the WASP camp. They have been extremely kind to us throughout the run.

Unfortunately, luck has dealt me a gnarly knuckle ball. I came down with an illness and even though it hasn’t made me feel bad, it still has infiltrated my nasal and chest area and planted itself. I tried to push through in typical John Bush fashion in Cleveland and Pittsburgh but by doing so I jacked up my pipes and now I sit in Baltimore frustrated and emotionally distraught.

Luckily, long- time friend and Armored Saint fan Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys/ Broken Teeth) is coming to the rescue again. He’s already helped Accept earlier this year on tour and now he’s stepping into the batter’s box for me. I am extremely grateful, and I know he’ll kill it!

I’ve seen a great doctor and he’s got me on the mend and I hope to be onstage soon. I’m out here on the road and I plan on being near the stage in giving my band members my support.

Thanks to the fans for your understanding and don’t be offended if I don’t talk to you.


Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Armored Saint's singer John Bush on Oct 28, 2022 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas as the band was preparing for opening night as special guests to W.A.S.P.

Watch here

Reporting Perrin Wolfson

Camera Billy The Kid

Editor Jimmy Kay

When asked how the tour came about

"We have the same agent. He (Agent) told W.A.S.P.'s Blackie, how about Saints (Armored Saint) opening and Blackie said he loved it. So we got on, it's been great so far beyond our expectations as far as uh pre-attendance. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that W.A.S.P. hasn't toured in a long time. And even though Armored Saint has been busy in the last five to eight years there's still a lot of places that we haven't played in a long time. For instance Albuquerque is the first show on the bill on the tour and we haven't played there since 'Delirious Nomad' (Album). I am bummed that we are not going to Canada, however I've made a list of about 20 to 30 other cities that we could literally do on a second leg if everything goes great. If the tours a Smash and The Vibes are great and you know. it's like why not do a Canadian tour? "

Is there any Nostalgia associated with this Tour

"I think there's a Nostalgia Vibe for the obvious reasons because people still talk about that 85' Tour to this day, the W.A.S.P. Metallica (Armored) Saint . With (Metallica's) Ride the Lightning (album) first W.A.S.P. record March of the Saints (Armored Saint debut). It was a great run, it was a big buzz, so it makes sense that we would go out on the road with WASP (today). We had a lot of shows together as the bands started out so there's definitely an LA connection. I think it's really exciting. It's 40 years later, it's kind of their anniversary, it's our anniversary um it's a whole new generation and hopefully it just keeps going and going. "

When asked if the band is working on a new album

"I don't know yet, we really didn't do any dates with 'Punching the sky' (Metal Blade Records). So even though to some people you may feel like that record's old it really isn't because we haven't toured on it. So to me it's kind of all about that. Have we talked about a record? Well we've talked about it, that's about all I'll say at this point. Sometimes Armored Saint takes some time to make records."

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