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Armored Saint John Bush Talks Category 7 Debut, Anthrax Era Songs Live & Social Media

The Metal Voice recently interviewed Armored Saint, Category 7 singer John Bush.

Photo Scott Braun-Braun NYC

Debut Category 7 album will be released July 26, 2024 via Metal Blade records

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When asked about losing his voice temporary on the last Armored Saint Tour

" I'm back to being better and you know that was really annoying and sucks but uh part of life, it happens. What are you going to do? But you just keep going. I pretend like I'm an athlete who got injured and you're just fighting to get back into the game. It's all good, it's a lot better. It was really annoying. It probably was the beginning of a cold that I got. I didn't really think too much of it at the time but then it kind of goes into the chest area and when that happens it becomes really difficult to have any power and sing and it sucks, it's a drag. But all in all we played this whole long tour of seven weeks and it was a lot of work. So I don't want to beat myself up too much because I did a lot of work on it. I'm not the last singer to have a voice problem, I wont be the first I won't be the last."

Photo Credit: Rob Shotwell

When asked if Category 7 can also be a vehicle to play Bush era Anthrax

"Another guy asked me that, even Phil Demmel has asked me that. I don't know. I guess that's something that we could discuss. I had this idea although I haven't told anybody about it in regards to doing the Anthrax thing which I've been wanting to do. I don't want to go out and do 30 dates. I don't want to do that but I do want to do some selective shows at some point because I think it would be cool and again time is slightly of the essence based on my age and the realities of life. I have a couple of ideas but it's possible."

When asked about the musical style of the Debut Category 7 album

"When people ask me I trying to generalize it in a paragraph. It's Rift Mania because there's Rifts everywhere. There's incredible rhythms. Rhythms that are supplemented by really well orchestrated songs, with big hooks. You have really amazing players. And there's no denying that everybody is very skilled. Then having like really cool songs and that's the key component."

Photo Charles-Alexandre Tourchot Photographe

When asked about social media is a big problem today in society

"I don't have social media at all, neither does my wife. We decided that a long time ago. The label is like dude are you kidding you can't, like come on? You're like no, I'm not going to do it, I'll do as many interviews as you want but I I'm just not getting an Instagram account or Facebook account because to promote myself I can't because I think so low of it. Yeah I think it's actually one of the biggest problems in the last 20 years for society to be honest. That's just my opinion I can't stand social media, I hate it. I think it's done way worse for society than any positives. So yes I think they're a big problem."

CATEGORY 7, the new band featuring former MACHINE HEAD and current KERRY KING guitarist Phil Demmel, ex-ADRENALINE MOB guitarist Mike Orlando, ARMORED SAINT/ex-ANTHRAX singer John Bush, OVERKILL/SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner and EXODUS bassist Jack Gibson, will release its self-titled debut album on July 26 via Metal Blade Records.

"Category 7" track listing:

01. In Stitches

02. Land I Used To Love

03. Apple Of Discord

04. Exhausted

05. Runaway Truck

06. White Flags & Bayonets

07. Mousetrap

08. Waver At The Breaking Point

09. Through Pink Eyes

10. Etter Stormen

John Bush – vocals

Mike Orlando – guitar

Phil Demmel – guitar

Jack Gibson – bass

Jason Bittner – drums

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