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Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz, Listen To Snippet of New Solo Track 'Gaslight' & Watch On Patreon

Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz has released a snippet of a new song 'Gaslight' off her upcoming solo album to be released in 2022. The song video can be seen in it's entirety on her Patreon page

Snippet here on Facebook

Click here to join and watch in full music video on her Patreon page

Message on Alissa's Facebook Page

Behold! My new song, "Gaslight" and the music video I filmed for it are now up on my patreon!

Click here to join:

This type of creative project is made possible with the support of fans like you - thank you!

I've said it for years - the greatest joy in my life is doing creative work with people I love and respect, sol also have to thank these incredible friends of mine:


Song of the Season - Spring 2022

Written, performed and recorded by Alissa White-Gluz.

Produced by Alissa White-Gluz and Kile Odell Kile Odell

Final guitar, bass, mix and master with Kile Odell.

Acoustic guitars and preproduction with Oliver Palotai Oliver Palotai

Voice acting by Zach Williams @zerosentme

Video directed and filmed by Alissa White-Gluz.

Video edited by Beatriz Mariano

Body-painting by Alissa White-Gluz.

And thanks to Melissa Galianos and Ryan Stick of Mind Blender Media for lending me a helping hand (or 4!)

Can't wait to see what this song means to you - it means a lot to me.

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