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April Wine Guitarist Brian Greenway Talks Band's Legacy & Moving Forward With New Line-Up

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to long time guitarist and now band leader of April Wine, Brian Greenway. Greenway spoke about the band's legacy, and touring with a new line-up.


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When asked about Founder Myles Goodwyn's Role in April Wine today

"Myles has given his blessing (to continue April Wine), he wanted to get off the road for years, he's got some health problems, he's got diabetes He wanted to retire going back 2014, he finally found somebody that could take over and that was Marc Parent. Marc coincidentally was going to audition back in 2014 but he decided he couldn't because he had young children and could not leave home to go on the road with us. Now fast forward many years later, he can do it. So we auditioned him and he sounded a lot like Myles singing and guitar wise he's got the chops. Myles kind of stepped back at this point and handed the reins to me but he is still taking care of all the business and approving the shows. So he is still very much involved just not how we are doing it onstage he left that to us."

When asked about the acceptance of the new line-up by the fans

"So we rehearsed for 8 months and I was left to sort of be the band leader and when we got on stage this sort of chemistry happened. We were having a good time and it showed to the audience. We were tight, we were having fun and people were smiling. We got lucky when a fellow in St-Charles outside Chicago put out a live clip of the (new) band on Youtube and people started responding to it. And people that were saying no no no (to the new lineup) in the beginning, now nobody could defend what it became, now there is proof in the pudding. It's a give and take with the audience. If you are having fun with them, they give back and the shows have been that way. I'm so happy the audience and the fans are accepting this new line-up the way it is, its longevity for the songs. Cause once the band is gone the songs are gone and that will be a shame because people still love to hear them live. I'm happy to be doing it, just a lot of fun doing it and if this is how my career ends, take me away I'm happy. "

When asked about April Wine's setlist on the new tour.

"We are playing 21 songs, we even brought back songs like 'Hot on the wheels of love' from the First Glance Album. We are jumping quickly from song to song, there is an energy that goes through the show. "

When asked about if the band will be releasing any new April Wine material and will Myles Goodwyn be singing on it

"We were working on a track in March 2023 just after Myles' (Goodwyn) last show in Truro (Nova Scotia). We stayed a few days, went to Halifax and went into the studio and put down drums, bass and guitar, for a new song and I don't know what's happened to it. I guess because we have been busy. Marc (Parent) I think would be singing on it. "

Current members of April Wine

  • Brian Greenway – guitar, vocals (1977–1986, 1992–present)

  • Richard Lanthier – bass, vocals (2011–present)

  • Roy Nichol – drums, vocals (2012–present)

  • Marc Parent – lead vocals, guitar (2023–present) (replaces Myles Goodwin for touring)

Myles Goodwyn, singer, guitarist, writer and leader of April Wine announced in Dec 2022 that he would be retiring from touring with the band. However, still managing and writing material for April Wine. Goodwyn's last performance was March 2, 2023 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Guitarist Brian Greenway joined April Wine in 1977 and has recorded on all albums after April Wine's 'First Glance' that was released in 1978

Canada's April Wine was formed in 1969 and was based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to get signed to Aquarius records. April Wine was led by singer-guitarist-songwriter Myles Goodwyn since its inception. The band's classic and most successful era included Myles Goodwyn – lead & background vocals, guitar, Steve Lang – bass, Brian Greenway – lead & background vocals, guitar, Jerry Mercer – drums and Gary Moffet – guitar, which included Gold and Platinum albums, 'First Glance', 'Hard Faster' and 'The Nature of the Beast'.

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