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Alcatrazz Release Promo Trailer For Upcoming New Album Due Fall 2021, Watch Trailer Here

Alcatrazz release promo trailer for upcoming new album due fall 2021.

Trailer Here

"We are very excited to reveal more and more music as our release date gets closer, for now here is a taste of samples from 5 songs from the new record.

As you can hear we are keeping this close to the original neo-classical metal sound of the first Alcatrazz album.

Doogie has been a major contributor to the song writing and we feel this is maybe our best and most cohesive record yet, a band that is finally all on the same page and doing this for the right reasons... this is not simply a means to an end situation but a band of people who genuinely love this music.

Furthermore we are excited to get out there live with the freedom of knowing that come showtime we are relying on nothing but the talents of the 5 members of the band"

Alcatrazz Doogie White, Girlschool Jackie Chambers Interview -Tour package, New Music

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